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Nora returned to the Barcelona apartment on camera for the first time since the departure of Nora and Kiko,

SO, for those of you who are in the Nora haters fan club, in approx. 3 hours of being on camera, Nora, Aida and the blue dress girl generated 2.5 pages of posts on the Aida thread, and almost 7.25 pages of comments on the comments thread for a total of almost ten pages of comments. The only other time that I can remember such interest or post generation was with the return of K&K. We know that these girls were part of Nora's project as well.

Nora, Holy Cow !!!!! you have been missed by so many, and it is obvious by the amount of attention you generated.

She is one beautiful woman, has not changed a bit. Still incredibly sensuous and seductive with that enduring smile. She carries herself in manor not matched but rivaled by all the girls who grace the project. Presents herself in a very business like manor, but is able to laugh and have good time, 

I liked the the curly dreds, certainly an ora of sophistication encompassed by the business like attire. 

Nora, it was simply put great to see you again, I can only hope you plan on taking an active role in your project again. The project needs direction, as only you can supply.

Thanks for gracing the project with your presence.



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I will not argue about Nora's significance for this apartment. But, it seems to me, it was she who has got this apartment in full deadlock wrong selection of tenants. And now she is trying to rectify the situation a gross interference in the lives of tenants. In my opinion it is wrong.
As for the Nora, then it looks good, but also a little vulgar, like the girls, which she picks up on the project. 
But this is my subjective opinion.

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