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Apartment Review and Discussion, Leora & Paul

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Apartment Review, Leora and Paul

This is one in a series of my honest opinion of the current apartments. I'm dividing each apartment into its own review so I could post each one in the appropriate thread. I'll post each as I complete it.

We all know what I will say about Leora. She's gorgeous and a free spirit (when not controlled by Paul). If she were in the apartment by herself, or in one of the girl's apartments (K&K or DV&E), she would be a star - without a doubt. Over the years, she has entertained us and left us begging for more, but Paul has destroyed almost all of that. Paul is an idiot. He has lost interest in the RLC concept and is now jealous of all the attention Leora has gotten from the viewers. He has gotten to the point he is scared to death someone might see her pussy or ass, and does anything he can to control that possibility. He is far too over protective for this environment, and in doing so, has turned this once great couple into an "also ran". The ONLY time to watch this apartment is when Paul is absent. He adds nothing of value, and detracts from what might be considered the apartment with the most potential.

At this point in time, if RLC decided to send this couple on their way, I would consider it an improvement.

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1 hour ago, daemon said:

If Leora leave, it will be a collapse of the RLC. It is for them she the pearl. She has a lot of fans here. Therefore it deserved a place here and I hope it will make us happy for a long time.

Yes she is the pearl and she has many fans, but like me I would imagine many of them are disappointed with the way things have recently been developing in the apartment, the hiding at the end of the living room, the under the cover sex in premium rooms, this is not the mentality that made Leora the pearl of RLC, it was her free spirit and her sense of adventure that made her so, and hopefully it will return, but not I fear while Paul spends so much time at home now.

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