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Welcome Stesha and Marco

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Today a brand new premium apartment with Stesha and Marco went online. 

Thank godness there are free cams in this apartment.

It is a very unusual, luxury apartment. At the moment Marco is at home. I'm curious about Stesha. 



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31.08 3:12 S&M discuss their sex life.

S: You're not listening to me. You always do it your way. I listen to you.
M: I do not understand what's going on.
S: Many times you told me, "You want too much. You want too often. I do not want as often as you."
M: Good. When was it? Let me guess. In the winter.
S: At the beginning of the summer.
M: At the beginning of the summer. Well. I told you that I do not have .... (???) It also contributes to .... (???). You said "yes, yes, yes."
S: You decided to sacrifice. I understand that. I also thought about my opinion. After all, you made exceptions for me.
M: You interpret this to make it easy for you. I have such an impression.
S: Interesting. At one time it was too much for you and now is not enough.
M: And did not you notice that you move from one extreme to the other. When I did not want it, that was the end. Is that not extreme?
S: Yes.
M: Too much? It will not be at all. Yes?
S: Is between us nothing?
M: No. I'm just saying that you are able to make such a decision.
S: If you think it would be better for you ...
M: What does this have to do with it? Why for me has to be better? You immediately draw conclusions ...
S: I do not. I just listen to you.
M: You have a grudge that before departure, there was nothing for three days. I was away for 2 days. I came and you do not want anything So it's about me. It's logical? It seems to me that it is logical.
S .... (???)
M: So somehow I do not suit you. Next day you give me ultimatum, "it will be so or not at all." It does not make sense.
S: According to you it turns out that between us there is nothing, and you think there is only one possibility. You don't consider second option. Yes?
M: Yes. Because when I suggested let's go now, you said that you do not want it. And now you're saying it will be so or not at all. When you're ready then it will be sex. Well. So that's how you want?
S: Ok. Well. (She wipes away a tear.)
M: Good. According to my logic, it does not suit you. Yes?
S: No.
M: At this point, you usually say, "Why do I have to convince you. You have already decided about that. Yes?
S: You draw such a conclusions only because in the past I wanted a lot and now I do not want so much. These are all your arguments. Is my understanding correct?
M: My argument is that until recently you told me that I pay too little attention to you, and now by far ... "No, I do not want. I rethought everything. "
M: You've changed your mind. Now you do not want so often. For some time it was between us as usual. You had sex not because you were tempted just because I wanted to. It was a gift of love. You had sex only out of love for me, because I had such physical needs.
S: You sit at night and you thinking about such nonsense?
M: No.
S: Where does it comes from?
M: These thoughts come to my mind. After what you're telling me these thoughts have the right to come into my head.
S: So why did not you think of that I can feel bad with this?
M: Why do you feel bad? But it seemed to me that we have agreed that if one of us does not want then we don't do it. You make it sound as if the initiative was on your side. But you hold off the initiative and it turns out that the initiative should come only from my side. Sex is only my initiative and therefore telling me that it is too often is illogical
S: It seems to me perfectly logical because you know when I want it but do not exhibit the initiative because I do not know if you want it. I do not get your moments. When I want it, you do not want to and vice versa.
M: Well?
S: Yeah?
M: I can not agree with you. There were times that we both wanted but because of the fact that you did not show any desire. I told you we should otherwise go about it. I told you we should clearly indicate that we want. If kisses are not enough, then we should do it by touch.
S: And what was nothing like that?
M: Wait.
Both recall and analyze the different situations between them from June to date.
She recalls that, in June, for any time the initiative came from her side.
M: In August I spent here about two weeks of which 6 days there was no sex between us. Of the remaining eight days you made no more than 3 attempts.




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