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Due to where I live on Earth, I'm usually sleeping while the RLC channels are active (hence I'm not a member but a guest).

As a guest, I've been posting "fascinating" pics (like others) whenever I can when there is activity (I assume I'm not the only person who isn't a paid member due to logistics).  I assume RLC monitors this site (do they own this site?) and they took notice of my postings as I get this message after about 15-20 minutes looking at various RLC channels:




I assume RLC has stopped my viewing by blocking my IP address.

To get back to viewing, I delete the RLC cookies and reboot the entire computer, first making sure a FREE IP program will launch at re-boot.  Once re-booted, I can go back to any RLC channel but once I change channels, I get the same notice.

Any suggestions on a work-around or must I move on....go back to being a productive & contributing member of society? 


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