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  1. Please got to where you belong to..... The question was raised here above
  2. Last news from Kira: "technicians work only on weekdays 😞 So we will go online on Monday. Well, in any case, it will be soon ...!)" You can read in CC for VHTV from Kira herself.
  3. All the apartments in Czech were critical, no tenants lasted longer than some months. Only exception Leora - but she is not Czech!!!
  4. Eliska amd Pepik are typical Czech names.👍
  5. Here is a new pussy wash method - hard to believe therefore more pics 😁
  6. Two new girls from the "DoNothing Ageny" ??
  7. ..the girl at Marcus dressed up for bed, had the toothbrush along..
  8. After packing their clothes in the bedroom, now leaving for a looooooooooooong weekend?
  9. Amazing that somebody has discovered finally how to install bedroom cams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Some progress is made, but there is an important difference 😉
  11. Such a nice view can have in this apartment only the shower head on Sofi. Maybe she can one time do it for us????
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