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  1. Are these Kids with the age around 20 ? Just like Alisa.... There are enough overexperienced sailing boats at VH
  2. You are right, there was no bating, no Cb, no pussy show, but she is amateur. A good manager was missing to lead her. And of course, it is not interesting but I saw her 2 or 3 times slipping under his cover, laying on him, touching his hand but the arctis was not melting.... But let´s see, if another amateur will come or professionals 😁
  3. Exactly. She was not shy in the shower. The guy I don´t miss at all. She had tried several times to get closer, but the guy was freezing.
  4. Support told me: Unfortunately, chances are slim that Jane appear on the project again. However, never say never. The new participants will arrive at Realm 72 tomorrow.
  5. I would swap my share on her against your share of Jane 😁
  6. Today he used the last chance for a shower ...and has left. Maybe the new home is without a shower at all
  7. Now he is texting... What for? But maybe he is friend of elder sailing ships?
  8. Serious question: Did this guy ever take a shower? As a girl I would also leave....
  9. she was packing her suitcase.... it will be early leave tomorrow morning
  10. Today is nov 14. Leora has arrived aug 14. New visa rules for Czech Republic or she is still in Russia??
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