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Leora by Name

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From the Urban Dictionary

Leora stems from the word "Light" in Hebrew. A Leora is a person, generally female, who is unique, adorable, beautiful (and often fairly hot as well), intelligent, caring, and introspective (without being self-absorbed). Leoras always have something insightful to say, and when they talk, people are always interested in hearing their thoughtful comments. 
The original meaning of the word is very fitting, as Leora's are also caring people who truly do bring "light" wherever they go. They brighten the days of others with their sense of both humour and fun, and offer a very special friendship. In fact, a Leora is so wonderful, that people can often be overprotective of their relationship with her. This is because they value her friendship to an extremely high degree, and sometimes because they also find a Leora to be exceedingly attractive.



Sums our Leora up pretty well

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6 hours ago, Pepe said:

Not on Facebook and you will never get her real name from here...

I totally agree, she exposes herself enough on RLC for our benefit, so she needs some privacy in her personal life as limited it is being watched 24/7

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Her real name is Goddess around here.

daemon is a poet. He writes to explain our affections to our Goddess.

Nice work daemon.

And all the woodland creatures and blue birds gather around her in the forest to show their love and affection. We are all comrades in loyalty to the Goddess.

(Pepe isn't in the picture cuz he had the camera in one paw and love potion in the other.)


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19 hours ago, masterdot said:

Posting of E-Mail Addresses in Open Forums is Not Permitted. If You Feel the Need to Share This Info. Please do so by Means of Personal Messaging (PM)

Pay 12 bucks and a whole new world is laid out before you

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