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"Hoschi" is from the US movie "Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure" from 1988. In the German Version of this movie they say "Volle Kanne Hoschi" in almost every conversation.

We use it as a synonym of many things, like "looser" or something like that.

"pupertär" = "immature" in that context.

Your German is verry good btw., i'm impressed.

Thanks. I'll have to re-watch "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." It's one of my favorite comedies in my collection, and probably the best performance by Kenau ever. As for "pupertär," Latin is a fine language for such matters. Thanks for all the help you provide to us non-polyglots...

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Ist eher so ein Ding meiner Generation, Du weißt schon, Adidas Allround, Raider, C64 und all das  ;)

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