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Masturbation in Bacelona

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This has always been strange given the sexuality of the girls chosen. I think only about half have masturbated while there, then only 1 or 2 times and usually under cover or in the bath (in the dark I mean, I think I was referencing Kristy from the Russian apartment). We all no there at 3 least 3 of the couples women who masturbate regularly and openly (although one for some reason never does it on free cam despite her fine record having freecam sex) and a cuouple others infrequently. Before examining why this is I wish to provide a help.

Give each girl a lock on their door. That way if they happen to share the apartment with some attention hungry spoilsports or disrespecting controlling bitches of which there have been quite a few - may be even at least 1 in Barcelona now - and allow them to bate under the covers and in the dark if they wish without fear of being disturbed. I really don't think it's healthy. I see several of the girls itching to do it (and I don't mean from a vaginal infection, I mean the rubbing over their own tits, that casual brusha against their pussy that they thing has gone unnoticed. Ilona during her first visit was constantly giving that brush sometimes several times a minute.

So why don't they?

1. They don't want to get caught bating as they would be embarassed.

2. They don't want to bate on camera. This is odd as I believe some of them were or are cam girls.

3. Some might think it a performance but they cannot control the market like cam girls.

4. RLC doesn't want them bating often - it seems unlikely given that it would surely boost the ratings more than some of fake erotic baths and massages they have put on - and tells Irma they would rather have something pseudo lesbian

5. RLC just don't want an apartment where girls with nothing else to do bate and so the term Real Life might start to lose it's USP, even though of course it would be real life with young sexual horny girls.

6. They have boyfriends/girlfiends for whom this might be a step to far ... and from all reports party night wasn't???!!!! It was too much for Rachel, I guess.

7. Maybe they don't want to put pressure on the other girls although after party night I think there probably was a lot of peer pressure which nobody seemed to care about.

If the girls did bate whenever thay naturally wanted to, it would certainly attract me to the site. If I did not get my regular fix (although it's been a while) of Leora's bating I might not even be here now.


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3 minutes ago, DES7469 said:

Well put. I'd lean towards a privacy thing. 

I feel that is a major part more than being seen by people on camera which we know they are not shy about but to be interrupted or seen even by a girlfriend would be a constant worry for most.

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