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What's Expected

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I don't know if any of you have been watching Kami for the last hour but let me tell you it should be shown to all the Barcelona girls before they join and what should be said to them is that this is the least we expect of you and you should be able to cope if one of your housemates produces a similar shaving, naked walking, leg spreading session and if you cannot, do not under circumstances sign the contract because quite frankly you will be doing it false pretenses. I believe Kristy gave a similar display last week although with her not surprisingly the focus was on her buns of steel.

Now Rebecca, who had a much better view than us, did cope well with My Belle's similar display (so sad it wasn't that great for us thanks to position and lighting) yesterday so that it is plus mark for Rebecca but on her second display she should step her own nudity.

Caro, I don't know where to ststart with currently. However she has delivered fairly majorly early on in her RLC career but should step up her game again.

Jasmine ... just go home. The punters pay RLC who pay you - this is actually a job and not reality but insomuch as its reality she need to accept its conventions. Clearly you don't want to.

I know many people will complain that it sounds like I want girls to be told to stuff, but in Barcelonea haven't they always been. Drug fuelled parties have been is real as it gets and if they are ended they need to get over themselves and deliver in another way. 

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