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Hello everyone.....Harley here, your favorite CC member to date LOL.   You know,  I read it all the time where people say that they don't care about the girls spending time out of the apartment.   "It's OK,  they are young and out living their lives,  at least she is out having fun,  I would rather see them going out instead of looking at their cell phones or laptops".....some funny sh@t if you ask me.  I know, the first thing out of you defenders of the universe will be......"who asked you?"   The answer to that question is quite simple......not a fucking sole!!  I'm a paying member of RLC and I expect to see whatever tenants that are enrolled in an apartment to be in that apartment unless they are out of the country on vacation!   I'm tired of reading about people just putting up with what ever happens with these girls.  Grow some fucking gonads and make your voices heard!!   If you like what is going on, then sit back and keep that pacifier in you mouth and never defend them again.  We get it.......we get that those of you that it doesn't bother, simply don't care about how you spend your money or you don't care for those people that that do!!!   I do care about how I spend my money, and I'm not hurting for money and I just spent a big chunk of it on hospital bills!!  My point is this,  quit posting about how it doesn't bother you just because you are weak and don't know how to stand up for yourself.   I see it far to many times on this forum,  a bunch of...."I'm just going to go with the MAJORITY flow"!!!   You are not going to influence any of these girls by all of your comments being positive.   I read a post by Sulzer tonight about all the great pussy views Michelle was showing tonight.   I got to tune in to Michelle's room later on this evening and unless every light was on in her bedroom when what he said was going on,  I'm going to call BS on that!!   Could there have been some great pussy shots of Michelle sometime today,  of course there could have been,  but only if all the lights were on in that room.   Quit making bullshit posts like he did just because you are desperate to see something!!!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!!

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I've gotten my back up about that issue in the past but usually in extreme cases like B1 Sarah for instance just before B2 came along. 

For the most part though I find that the girls who loaf around the house all day and night are generally the sad mopey type and usually not a whole lot of fun. Danaya on her first stay would be a good example although she's been a little less sickly this time around.

In the summer months I like the girls to come home with some nice tan ready to make an eventful night you know? Not some shlub who spent all day in her room that rolls her eyes before dragging her ass out to the living room for a glass of wine.

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