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  1. Violet & Jeff

    They do not look happy. I hope they are all right and intend to continue at VH. It would be a devastating loss to VH if they left. However, their happiness should come before VH and if they are tired of being here, then they should leave with all our good thoughts and blessings. I continue to believe they are hands down the best couple here at VH.
  2. With all this "fake sex" I am beginning to wonder if that is "fake cum" the guys are depositing all over the girls.. Every couple in this site has had "fake sex" and played to the cameras more than once. Indeed, I'll bet there's not a lady here at CC or in life that has not faked an orgasm once or twice. I would suggest to the sexual purists here that they pursue and become their neighborhood's local "peeping tom". that way they'll see all the "real sex" they want. Until they get caught and wind up in jail. This is a sexual voyeur site. I'm, paying to see sex along with daily activities. If I wanted to see every day life all the time, I'd continue my subscription to RLC or even tune in to Justin TV. Indeed I suspect there is a virtual plethora of PG rated cam sites one cold pursue and interact with the participants. Periscope also comes to mind. My take is if you don't like it, switch to another apartment or don't subscribe at all. Why would you want to be a buzzkill for the rest of us that are enjoying the action?
  3. And yet here you are; watching with the rest of us idiots...
  4. Ella & Isaac

    What?! We have a Dean #2 here? someone who doesn't bring a girl but want's to fuck everyone else's lady!
  5. Ella & Isaac

    Ella is a stone freak! My kind of girl! Lighting is good enough for me!
  6. Ella & Isaac

    Well, this was a bit unexpected; but welcomed!
  7. Mira & Henry

    Ya know. I bet their neighbors hate them..
  8. Mira & Henry

    I know. they even used scented snuff to deaden the nostrils. For centuries Europeans thought bathing was unhealthy. Many were astounded when some of the returning crusaders insisted on bathing regularly. The citizenry, especially the priests, thought they might be possessed.
  9. Mira & Henry

    But she still stunk...
  10. Mira & Henry

    No kidding! So that's the secret huh?
  11. Mira & Henry

    51 years!! Bless you. I couldn't even stand myself that long!
  12. Mira & Henry

    Glad to see you guys made it back safe and sound. Hope you had a honeymoon/holiday that gave you fond memories for a lifetime..
  13. I'm not sure I agree with this opinion completely. It really depends on how good a job is done relative to breast enhancement. From what I can see from Kitty and Masha they are far more advanced in breast augmentation over here in the states then they are in the Ukraine or where ever they were done. I have been told they go through the belly button instead of cutting under the breast; or through the armpit. Hence there is little if any scar. Also the healing rate is a lot faster and the procedure is less painful. Furthermore I have seen some done over here that I would defy anyone to tell me if they were real or fake. Recently a friend of mine had her's done (From "A" to "BB" I think) and not only do they look natural, they feel natural. There can be future health problems if one opts for the old saline gel implants. They can leak causing a host of problems, infections and even arthritis. I'm not sure if Kitty's were more painful than Masha's or if she simply has a low pain threshold but I've only seen one case where I thought the individual went through that much pain and that was because hers broke open and leaked into her body. Like any surgery, one has to be careful and allow the procedure to heal properly. So I'm not sure one can ever say never. My wife had breast cancer and a radical double mastectomy and breast reconstruction and augmentation was absolutely necessary in her case. Or we felt so anyways. And I like her new boobs almost as much as the old ones. I tried to get her to go to a 40 D but she said only if I'd get a penile implant to 12". So I'll have to be happy with her 34 bs and she'll have to be happy with what I have..
  14. Violet & Jeff

    Best night for them in awhile. My wife is super turned on! TY Jeff and Violet!!