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  1. Foxy, Kira

    lol! Good one!!!
  2. Foxy, Kira

    Nah! she dry humped him but he didn't get to put it in..
  3. Foxy, Kira

    No, you're simply so insufferable tonight you think you can.. Yet you truly were so far off the mark..
  4. Foxy, Kira

    Let me tell you something Amy, I was not referring to you with my comment about bitchin. I guess not calling people out personally does not fit your rules huh? I was trying to be nice but I tell you what, if I got anything to say to you I'll fucking call you out personally. And now that you've pissed me off thinking you can read my mind: Yeah, it does seem all you do is bitch and whine like a little bitch. The others may not be brave enough to call you out but I sure as to shit will. Who fucking died and made you queen of CC or VH for that matter? Once again, you don't like it go over to RLC. There they really don't give a fuck about their subscribers. You'd fit right in and have something to really bitch about. It seems like forever since the last time you had a constructive or nice comment inhere. Boo Hoo Hoo, Amy don't like VH.. Tell you what, excuse me for an hour or two while I try and find someone who gives a shit! You wanted a call out, you got it. And when I get home from work, you want to keep this shit up; I'm your huckleberry!
  5. Foxy, Kira

    I'm sorry, I'm looking at my post and I don't see your name anywhere's in it. Perhaps I was not talking about you..I seem to remember yesterday or the day before when people were commenting on the fact there were too many calling out others personally. Guess you prefer that huh? To quote the immortal Baird: "Me thinks thou doth protest too much!" Amy dear...
  6. Foxy, Kira

    Bitch Bitch Bitch.... Sheeeeshh
  7. Foxy, Kira

    Jeeeze! To listen to you guys no one in this house is supposed to have any fun, or hang out with any friends you don't approve of. I was not aware this was anyone's family in this house...
  8. Foxy, Kira

    Oh for Christ's sake, they are just having a bit of fun. Didn't your woman ever play around with you? With all the drama that seems to surround Nina, Alan, and Serena it's a bit refreshing to see them horse play like this..
  9. Foxy, Kira

    The girls are attacking Alan.
  10. Foxy, Kira

    I don't know, I kinda like it. Everyone seems to be having a good time hanging out together. I like seeing Nina laugh.. I like seeing a bunch of people hanging without a lot of drama. I'll postpone judgment until some one fucks it up..
  11. And I want Mira to climb up on the chandelier and jump off on my face!! Oh! that wouldn't really be voyeurism would it? It would be a hell of a lot of fun though! For me anyways!
  12. Looks like Jeff and Violet finally got their apartment back!!
  13. Otto & Lola

    No. It's a mirror and she's checking the hairs on her ass!!
  14. Anyone know where Niana went? I haven't seen her for a couple of days now..
  15. Foxy, Kira

    I'm not going to make any derogatory comments about this room. I personally think Kira looks like she could beat my ass and might seek me out if I did..