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  1. Funny, I'm also a member of RLC and I have virtually no problems at all over there. Leads me to believe VH simply went with a cheap server over here. But you are right; your internet is far superior to ours.
  2. I've been a member of VH for years now. I finally gave up and cancelled my membership. I am so tired of the buffering, stopping and skipping. You'd think with all the money VH must be making they could upgrade their fucking servers. When I write a ticket I get the same old "Clean my cache and cookies, etc." I don't have this problem with RLC, but I get the same bullshit lines out of VH. Even though I have over a month left here it is another Saturday and I'm only seeing the black screen with the white circle. Screw you VH!! And the horse you rode in on!!!
  3. Come back Clara. We miss you!!😭😞
  4. Didn't look so fake when she slapped the dog snot out of him..😏🤪🤪😏
  5. Young man... You ain't NEVER going to outtalk or out argue a mad female!!!🤣🤣
  6. I'm with you guy. I have been a VH subscriber for years but I will not be renewing my subscription this time. I've had it with the buffering and skipping. I'd rather suffer the boredom of RLC. At least their site and cams function..
  7. People, is it just me and my computers or are there others who are plagued with the incessant buffering at VH1? I swear, I have to clear my cache and clean my computer every 2 or 3 minutes. If not all I see is the white circle and black screen. Is it me? The servers in the states? Or maybe VH chose the cheapest providers they could find and screw the NA Subscribers.. I have filled out so many tickets regarding this issue they do not even respond any more. I swear, I am a long time subscriber but ai am seriously as to whether or not I will renew my sub. Am I alone with this issue or are
  8. Yeah moos, I thought I was watching the previews from Leon Uris's "The Exodus" for a minute there...😀
  9. A lot of us long-time subscribers have learned to live with the skipping, buffering, and frequent down times. What,! You think that just because you may have paid for a subscription you are going to get a reasonably functioning cam site? Silly man! I am watching the white circle and black screen as I write this and I have been a subscriber for years. You don't see me bitching about it do you? Either learn to live with the frequent fuck ups at VH or move on!!
  10. What's with the "secret room" at the end of the hallway?
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