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  1. mic351


    True enough but initially I was quoting sparkles and not you...
  2. mic351


    I would venture the point that "obese" is far different than "well built". I am not trying to slam the new girl, I am simply calling it like I see it.. My opinion doesn't necessarily have to agree with yours..
  3. mic351


    I seriously do not think Emma will be competition for Misty...
  4. mic351

    Gia & Anthony

    I thought she said: "Boris, I tink it is time we take care of Moose and Squirrel"😁😁
  5. Oh yes! Just stay on that couch like you are because I* do love that butt!!😝💕
  6. did you see this on Twitter? Did VH announce Serena's departure? I note she has packed a backpack before to go spend a couple of days at wherever and she always returns. Pray tell what information you have that the rest of us don't? Just asking...
  7. mic351

    Real Life Cam

    Sorry old friend, the buffering issues at VH far, far outstrip the buffering issues at RLC...
  8. mic351

    Real Life Cam

    Once VH does something about the buffering, quality of cams and placement, and quality of apartments, they will be on top for good. I use RLC when the buffering gets so bad at VH viewing is next to impossible. Which means I use RLC often. They may have arrogant ass models and they may have terrible service but at least their cams work most of the time..
  9. mic351

    Trump Will be Impeached

    My response to Starrider would be to request he read this article.. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article7260.htm
  10. I think when you start answering yourself you might be going a bit bonkers... But hey! If it wasn't for us insane people; who'd keep the sane ones locked up?😀
  11. mic351

    Polly & Ray Part #2

    With a hat tip to Little Richard...
  12. mic351

    Trump Will be Impeached

    I have the utmost respect for that office. I simply have no respect for the man that sits in it now. I don't think the athletes are doing anything to that office. I also believe the main stream media's influence is far over stated. Do you believe all they put out? Yeah. Me neither. I get most of my US News online or from the BBC believe it or not.. I pay absolutely no attention to Faux News; and very little to MSNBC or CNN.
  13. mic351

    Trump Will be Impeached

    Funny, I think anybody who doesn't believe the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians is a complete and total idiot. Trumps own action brought about the appointment of a special counsel . His asking Comey to halt the investigation of Flynn and his firing of Comey (In which he later admitted was because of "that Russian Thing")
  14. mic351

    Trump Will be Impeached

    Yep! I did. He outed an Israeli agent embedded in Hamas to the Russians. He refused to place sanctions on Russia until forced to do so by Congress. He rewrote the statement his son made when he met with Russian Agents. He's obstructed Justice re: the Russian investigation a number of times. Do I think he personally colluded with the Russians to get elected? No, I don't think he's smart enough to do that and get away with it for so long. Do I think his campaign did? Absolutely! Do I think it will come out that the Russians have something over him, such as money laundering prior to his becoming President, oh yeah. Do I think he's a lying, racist, hate mongering, misogynistic, narcissistic individual? Yep! I also think given his over-all character, those are his good points . BTW, it might interest you to know I am a registered independent who voted for Reagan once and McCain . But I am also an american who loves his country and hates to see what he's doing to the dignity of that office.