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  1. Brother, because we disagree on certains topics does not mean I would ever hate you or even dislike you. For better or worse you are always going to be my brother. No one outside of the corps will ever take that away from us. Semper Fi!
  2. Dude, you got way too much time on your hands in trying to analyze people in this place..
  3. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    Sometimes there is a group or a song that changes the course of music and once in a great while, the course of history. Here are my picks from the 60's and 70's: First, the most famous of the early long playing songs.. Next, a song/album that changed music and history: I could say Strawberry Fields but I think this one from Sgt. Pepper was even more influential: This one didn't really bring about any change but I love the hell out of it so I included it:😀 This one certainly was a change in Rock Music. Not so much the song as the album: Here's the last one for this thread. Which ones would you include?
  4. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    Dr. Hook....
  5. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    A bit of funk..
  6. mic351

    Zack & Blonde

    I think here I gotta disagree relative to Zack. I saw him just get the lady off (I don't know her name) without doing a thing after she got off except pull the blankets up and cuddle. I am impressed with his consideration of his partner. You get props for this one Zack..👌👍
  7. I wonder if they realize they are losing a lot of views with that fricking disco light; or if they even care. VH ought to ban those f**king disco lights..😠
  8. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    Even though I have listed some Motown and I am from Motown, I was not a big Motown Fan. I liked the Stax/Atlantic Sound better. It seem to be more edgy and "street" if you will. Here's some Stax for ya..
  9. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    Ahhh, we just got old guy... 😛
  10. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    Another pioneering bass rift by James Jamerson.. Another great "Temps" Tune. (Here in Motown we called them simply: "The Temps".)
  11. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    The real "Ball of Confusion". One of the greatest bass rifts of all time.. By one of the greatest bass players of all time; James Jamerson!!! (With apologies to Ipirate ☺️)
  12. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    Heavy Dude....
  13. mic351

    Juke Box Split #6

    I love this song by Pink.. Watch when she goes over and sings with the back ups. talk about a trio of vocal power! Dam!!👍 BTW. Set the HD for 1080, you'll like it even more..
  14. As far as Henry goes, he got a whole lot of new respect for his actions. that's a guy that loves his wife! Kudos to you guy...☺️