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  1. mic351

    Patrik & Clair

    Are they leaving the project? Moving? What's up?
  2. mic351

    Bonnie & Clyde

    Is this dude drunk or what? I can't understand why he's talking to us in the cam! WTF??!!!!!
  3. mic351

    Courtney & Heather

    It seems as if they have a cam tech there at the moment. Why don't they fix cam 19 in the bedroom. It is worse than useless as it is right now.
  4. mic351

    Mira & Henry Part #2

    They got my vote!! I know I'll be watching. They have always been one of my favorite couples..
  5. mic351

    Here we piss and moan about CC Mods

    I cannot begin to tell you how tired i am of the same fricking people bitching about how fake VH and RLC is.. Cancel your subscriptions, open your own cam site, do what ever you want but for God's sake quit being a buzzkill of the rest of us that enjoy the sites!!
  6. mic351

    Here we piss and moan about CC Mods

    Ok, now I'm over at the Flame Wars. Fuck you and all the whiney ass posters in the forum who cry about the participants being "fake" all the time. Take your whiny little bitches' asses to some other forum where you can cry all you want. People can sit in the different rooms and insult the shit oput of the participants and that's fine with you mods! When they get called out for it; it's: I've sad it once and that's enough" Again, fuck you!!! Try applying the rules to everyone or sit the fuck down!
  7. mic351

    Hunter & Piper

    You're absolutely right. I commented in this forum about a post I did not like. You just defeated your own argument!
  8. mic351

    Hunter & Piper

    You got goat glands? Feel the need to butt in? I laid out my reasons for being hostile about this. Indeed, it was an A and B conversation so why don't you see your way out of it?
  9. mic351

    Hunter & Piper

    Nah! That's enough for now...
  10. mic351

    Hunter & Piper

    MIght I suggest you tune into anther apartment? No sense stressing yourself out..😀
  11. mic351


    You will be missed hun. You went through a lot of shit but you always came out on top with a smile. Not only are you hot and sexy as hell, you also seem to have a great personality. I can see you are a loyal friend and any guy would be lucky to have you. I will be watching anxiously for your visits with Ruby. Take care sweetheart and enjoy your life...
  12. mic351


    Looks to me like they overloaded the living room with cams. They can take that # 5, or #15 cam and put it in the bathroom; it is pretty much useless where it is.. Doubt they will though. I'm still waiting for the extra cams that Jabbath promised weeks ago in Courtney and Heather's place. At VH they simply throw cams everywhere with no rhyme or reason. Wish they would hire someone who knew that the hell they were doing when it comes to lighting and cams.
  13. But thanks for the heads up Spark..
  14. I tried to send a ticket and the bot wants me to jump through a ton of hoops.. Fuck them!
  15. Hey VH!!! A bunch of your apartments' cams won't open. Dion and Art, Pat and clair, Cluas and Angelica.. What gives?