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  1. Hey, I’m really out of the loop here maybe one of you can help. Have Leora and Paul officially split now or something? Or are they still doing the long distance thing?
  2. Just missed that there was two threads. Man that's quite the situation. I don't watch much these days and haven't been on camcaps in ages but a few years back I felt like I lived with those two sometimes. As soon as I saw here name on her own I came straight here to get the story.
  3. Where is Paul? Did I miss them splitting up before the old apartment shut down? No one here seems to be reacting to him not being present in this new apartment.
  4. Haha the hair is also a mirage, neither of their real hair. One would hope they are not related at this point since we've seen them making out quite heavily. That's the extent other the logic I can apply to what goes on in this apartment. :P
  5. What a gross slovenly existence Bell is living. She's already put on weight from the last time she was here. She's gonna be 5' 180lbs by 30 and ain't nobody paying to see that mess spread open all day.
  6. So the prodigal daughter has returned....Jasmin! :P One of the hottest bodies to ever walk through the door with one of the driest personalities. The big question will be was she held back by external circumstances last time around and have those circumstances changed?
  7. Haha fair point, I don't really. Just pointing out the irony of the timing. Although I can't really think of a bad time to watch Stella eat Irma out
  8. Haha god damn, well you're welcome guys. I'm in Mexico getting married with no access to a device that plays flash so standard or replay. Obviously that why they chose now lol. Sounds like a hell of an evening, can't wait to dig it up somewhere .
  9. Even a few weeks ago I would have said the same thing but something seems diffferent now. Her enjoyment level hasn't been where it was on previous visits nor her connection with the other tenants. The Alex stuff has been odd and obviously off putting to some. I hope it's not her last visit, it wouldn't be a fitting end to a storied career. But if her heart isn't in it anymore perhaps it's best for her.
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