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Fake masturbation?

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I have seen some posts in the general tread and thought the topic deserves its own tread.

On ‎2016‎-‎12‎-‎26 at 9:18 PM, Nick said:

 she is laughing     on us, I think Karol better then Michele even she did under cover was more interesting then Michel in my book she is cone artist Danya  tried with Michel she stop her, if Michel bats the way she dose on cam I understand and she piss is me of when she puts pillows front of the cam    

You almost got it. ... The sad truth is that with great likelihood non of the girls actually had a real mastrurbation this night. I think, they just faked it due to a request of RLC (as some kind of content for the "REPLAY"-Advertising).

Why do I think so? I rarely believe in coincidences. ... and ... It is extremely questionable whether

  • a newly added girl that still need to get used to the idea of nudity in the project bats at her 2nd night on cam and
  • cam show girl (that actualy is used to show all her part on cam build up a wall of cushions for hidding and use a blanket to bate hidden.


On ‎2016‎-‎12‎-‎26 at 8:59 PM, BBsq69 said:

Not that I can see any of it but I always I said if the girls bate under cover then it is a start. ...

As always, i have no prove that something do not happed for real. ... but ... maybe ... It is time to answer the question were is the prove that all this under cover events in barcelona are actually real. 

My way of thought is actually very simple. I try to move into the position of RLC and ask myself a simple question. How can I make the most money?

  • Cast a girl ready to show her real life for three months (including also the masturbation and maybe sex when she find someone there)
  • Cast a girl that simply agree to some teasing and is ready to fake the rest.

Considering that the overwhelming part of this forum would with high probability consider a fake masturbation as something real and that this is likely to apply to the rest of the audience. Why should RLC actually cast all the girls from the first group? It is much cheaper to cast the bulk of girls from the teasing only group and have just one or two girls (e.g. Nicole and Lima) witch do something for real.

I still have no prove. ... but ... all with active replay (due to the  "REPLAY"-Advertising) could simply watch the event of Karol again with a simple question: How would it look when a girl just pretends as if it were real?

If your answer is: "Like the event of Karol." or "Like the event of Michele." you may have finally looked through RLC. Congratulations.

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1 hour ago, MrBox said:

He visto algunos puestos de la banda de rodadura general y pensó que el tema merece su propia banda de rodadura.

Casi lo consiguió. ... La triste verdad es que con gran probabilidad no de las chicas en realidad tenía una verdadera mastrurbation esta noche. Creo que, simplemente falsificados que debido a una solicitud de RLC (como algún tipo de contenido para el "Replay" -Publicidad).

¿Por qué pienso así? Rara vez creo en las coincidencias. ... Y ... Es extremadamente dudoso

  • una chica que acaba de agregar que todavía tienen que acostumbrarse a la idea de la desnudez en los murciélagos del proyecto en su segunda noche en la leva y
  • show cam chica (que podía comprender se utiliza para mostrar toda su parte en la leva construir un muro de cojines para esconderse y utilizar una manta para debate oculto.


Como siempre, yo no he probar que algo no happed de verdad. ... Pero ... tal vez ... Es hora de responder a la pregunta ¿Era es la prueba que todo esto bajo cubierta de eventos en Barcelona son en realidad real. 

Mi forma de pensamiento es realmente muy simple. Trato de pasar a la posición de RLC y hago una pregunta sencilla. ¿Cómo puedo hacer que la mayor cantidad de dinero?

  • Echar una chica dispuesta a mostrar su verdadera vida durante tres meses (incluyendo también la masturbación y el sexo tal vez cuando se encuentra a alguien allí)
  • Echar una chica que simplemente están de acuerdo con algunas burlas y está listo para falsificar el resto.

Teniendo en cuenta que la inmensa parte de este foro sería con una elevada probabilidad debe tener en cuenta una falsa masturbación como algo real y que esto es probable que se aplican al resto de la audiencia. ¿Por qué RLC efectivamente emitidos todas las chicas del primer grupo? Es mucho más barato para emitir la mayor parte de las niñas de las burlas único grupo y tienen sólo uno o dos chicas (por ejemplo, Nicole y Lima) brujas hacen algo de verdad.

Todavía no tengo demostrar. ... Pero ... todo ello con reproducción activada (debido a la "REPLAY" -Publicidad) podría simplemente mirar el caso de Karol nuevo con una simple pregunta:  ¿Cómo se vería cuando una chica sólo finge como si fuera real?

Si su respuesta es: "Al igual que el caso de Karol". o "Al igual que el caso de Michele." es posible que haya finalmente mirado a través de RLC. Felicitaciones.

There is some statement you say that I agree with.
That people touch under the sheets, to state categorically, is a little risky. Actually no one who sees the live images, can do it.
The technique I have used for that, is to pass those images at a much higher speed. If the girl really touches, even if it is very slow, that movement, sometimes not perceptible live, on occasion, has become visible.

I agree with you, that the girls, learn quickly, plus the ones that already have a lot of time with us, since they know many tricks to do or make us believe that they do ...

Personally, whether it is real or simulated, it is not something that matters to me. I think it's more important, for a Voyeur to see it, than to know if it's real or not.

A little example of last night ... Karol, did a sexy little dance. If it is because she wanted to dance or was "suggested" by RLC, I do not care, for me the important thing is to see the girl smiling and dancing.
I think, that you separate a lot of the girls that according to you are more realies, I think it talks about Jasmin, and others for the reason ... (I forgive if it is not) many people, they think they are very real ... but me I do a reflection, why do we want that kind of reality when they screwed up a lot of parties of the other girls, and we were left to enjoy those parties?
I just have to point out that I'm just talking about the shows that the girls offer us to RLC customers, not the ones they do for the rest of the world.

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8 hours ago, spears78 said:

Do you notice now only all this is just show? None of it is genuinly all given

That a resident shows everything (as in an apartment without cameras) will never happen. That is true. ... but ... There is a big difference in show a part of real life (including real sex) and in fake something. 

In barcelona, a lot of girls just pretend to do something and this is even worse than hidding. It shows no respect for the spectator (who pays real money) and makes the project ridiculous. This page is called "REALLIFECAM" for a reason. I hope RLC cast more girls as open minded as Nicole and stop the casting of more and more girls that just agree to some teasing but are limited in verything else or even start to fake something. 



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