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People who talk about social media of tenants


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There is people on the kk & h thread (@Beldonn1 @Ridgerunner) who are constantly referring to pics on social media of kristy, kamila or heidi.

@StnCld316 :

Isn't that against the rules of camcaps ?

Are we not supposed to talk only about life inside the apartment ?

I remember some post has been deleted on the Barcelona thread because people were talking about the life of tenants outside of the apartment.

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Specific information about the tenants should be left to PMs, but some things are so general, and generally known, that they don't cross the line in the Public Forums. For example, it is obvious that Maya is possibly involved with the art scene in Krasnoyarsk, and that Lev and Zoya were involved with theater and acting, and that Paul was involved with the Russian armed services and now has finished his required stint. But it would be against our rules to post specific proof garnered from their private social accounts to prove such suppositions or link to them.

There are other problems, such as suggestions that the Barc girls are escorts or dancers or whatever in the Barc thread. This starts food fights -- all their various fans consider them to be virgins -- and it starts arguments that we'd rather not deal with. So those will often be edited or removed at the Mod's discretion.

Please remember that THE TENANTS ARE HERE: we don't block Russia, Ukraine, or Eastern Europe. And, even if we did, they could come in via a proxy service. We don't want their feelings hurt, or their professional outside lives to be disturbed. And we definitely do not want to help weird-ass stalkers gain information about tenants from us. This goes for all the voyeur sites we cover here at CamCaps.

So use common good sense and judgement with posting, and we mods will try to do the same. Like Leora would tell you if she could:  "Life is good when your apartment threads are clean." (She'd make a great Mod!)



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