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  1. "Data for Progress"? That definitely sounds like a far left organization. I can just imagine how bogus their polling sample and poll questions are. Sinema would not be behaving as she is if that behavior was not supported by voters in Arizona. I would say her polling info is much more accurate and objective than that of a biased far left organization.
  2. Those gifs would be a perfect fit for AOC and John Kerry when they warn about climate change. lol
  3. Everyday Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer dig the Democratic Party's grave a little deeper.
  4. But you are ignoring one big fact. Trump supporters despise Democrats even more than they support Trump. Those voters will walk over hot coals and broken glass to vote against Democrats in 2022 and 2024.
  5. And we're suppose to have a rational conversation with someone as immature as you, comrade Golfer?
  6. You just proved true what I said about you. You have a serious problem with your shit and asses obsession. Did your parents abuse you when you were being potty trained, comrade Golfer.
  7. Like I said before it is impossible to have a rational conversation with someone as irrational as you, comrade Golfer. Your gifs are more proof of how irrational you are.😏
  8. I see your obsession with asses and shit has overwhelmed you again, comrade Golfer. You are definitely in need of some psychiatric help.
  9. No, it is you who is afraid of reality because the future looks so dire for your beloved Democratic Party.😉
  10. The Jan.6 Committee is nothing more than a Democrat run inquisition. An inquisition run by a bunch of corrupt politicians. After the 2022 elections it will be Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Swalwell who will be forced to answer questions about all their illegal behavior before House committees.
  11. You mean all the cheap labor that the elitist millionaire liberal progressive Hollywood actors exploit?
  12. You are the one who cannot see reality, not me. You ignore the reality of Joe Biden and his policies being unpopular with the American people as reflected in Biden's crashing poll numbers. Wipe out coming for Democrat politicians in the 2022 elections!
  13. With the unpopularity of President Joe Biden the U.S. Supreme Court should feel emboldened to make rulings based upon the U.S. Constitution and not upon public opinion, and wimpy gutless Republican politicians should be more wiling to oppose the terrible left wing policies of Biden and the Democrats.
  14. In a special election on Oct.12 a Republican candidate won an Iowa House seat that had been held by Democrats for 46 years. A forecast of disaster for Democrats in the 2022 election? I think so.
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