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  1. Another problem with the roommates apartment is if the girls are going to have sex in the apartment, not only do they need to find some guy they want to fuck; but they need to find some guy who is willing to have sex in front of cameras with thousands of people watching him.
  2. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

    Wrong about what?
  3. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

  4. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

  5. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

    But you are a fool, you actually believe the news media.
  6. Let's be truthful, what the people are complaining about is the lack of sex in the apartment. They like couples apartments because there is frequent sex, but to be honest when they are not fucking the couples apartments are just as boring as the KKK apartment primarily because we cannot understand what they are saying.
  7. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

    No way,the Democrats want the impeachment talk and investigations as part of their 2020 campaign.
  8. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

    My mistake was believing we had a fair and unbiased legal system in this country. You are the one who has the real problem, you have Obamacare. Wait until you have to pay the deductible and copays for your health insurance. Then tell me who hooked their wagon to the wrong horse.
  9. But those girls are not real life.They are temporary residents in Barcelona who are there for the purpose of putting on a show for RLC cameras. It's totally different from KKK apartment where the girls are permanent residents of Moscow. They live and work in Moscow, plus they have friends and family members who live in Moscow. As a result,they spend more time outside the apartment than do the people in the other apartments.
  10. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

    The U.S. news media has been working to destroy Donald Trump 24/7 ever since he announced he was running for president, and now they are upset that he is not inviting them to the White House for a Christmas Party? I mean doesn't everybody invite people who hate them to their Christmas Party?
  11. Did you even read the rest of my comment? Convenient how you selectively edited what I said.
  12. The KKK apartment may be boring but it is definitely more Real Life than are the Barca apartments. To satisfy most RLC viewers RLC may need to to scrap the concept of real life roommate apartments, since most of the time real life for most people is boring unless people put on phony performances as in the Barca apartments. RLC may need to restrict itself to real life couples apartments and the Barca type unreal life show apartments because most of the present RLC viewers are watching almost exclusively for the sex.
  13. Ridgerunner

    US General Domestic Politics

    Wonder how the news media is going to react when the judge tosses out the Michael Flynn conviction because the FBI used unethical methods to entrap Flynn in a crime? According to reports Andrew McCabe of the DOJ requested Michael Flynn to meet with FBI investigators. Flynn asked McCabe if he should have a lawyer with him when talking to the FBI and McCabe said no, and did not inform Flynn that he was being investigated for a possible crime. It was from Flynn's statements in that informal interview that he was charged with the crime of lying to FBI agents.
  14. Blonde who stays in apartment is Katia, not Katerina. Katerina is dark haired and looks somewhat like Kami. Anna is the girl who went on French ski trip, Barcelona trip and Berlin trip with Kami and Kaley. Katia is from Kami's home town. She originally stayed at the apartment because she and some other girls were kicked out a college dorm in Moscow for starting an electrical fire in the dorm. They used a space heater that they had been told not to do and the space heater over loaded the old wiring in the dorm. I believe that info was from a Kitek translation.
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    Okay.I will do that in the future.