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  1. But which is the "real" Kristy? The sex crazed present day Kristy or the Kristy of Barcelona and of Moscow before Stefan? It could be argued that the present day Kristy is an act for the cameras and in no way close to her real life.
  2. It's really old and boring to hear you say the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
  3. In Kristy's life outside the apartment I see her work, I see her vacations, I see the Angels, I see her friends, I see her family, I see her pets; but I see no Stefan. Strange! Maybe Stefan is just her bf for RLC purposes.
  4. But Kristy with you and Stefan? Like I said; if so, I feel sorry for Kristy.
  5. The only way there would ever be truly real life in any of these apartments would be if no one in the apartment knew that there were cameras in the apartment. But that would be illegal.
  6. Is RLC suppose to be her life to live the way she wants to live it, or her life the way you expect her to live it? I thought RLC viewers were suppose to be observers of peoples' lives, not directors of their lives.
  7. I would never send her something she doesn't like. And if you are not aware of Kami not liking flowers, you need to go back and read Kitek's translations.
  8. If Kami had a bf, apparently he didn't know her very well, because Kami doesn't like flowers.
  9. Who doesn't like sex? Simple minded stereotyping will also protect you from reality. What does religion have to do with anything I said?
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