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  1. I think Kami left the apartment around 4:45 with her suitcase. Anybody notice if she took the ring from her nightstand to wear?
  2. Kami getting dressed at 4:00am.Must be getting ready to catch a flight.
  3. It's Friday morning in Moscow.Kami getting ready for another international booty call weekend rendezvous with Ben?
  4. Does anyone know if Kami has been watching the American sitcom lately? She usually does that to help with her English before meeting up with Ben .
  5. Getting rid of a present from Dima before Ben arrives?
  6. "The real life of a pretty girl in a distant city",that's what I call a real life soap opera.I call it "Mystery in Moscow".
  7. But it's very difficult to enjoy a soap opera when you can't understand what anyone is saying.And when Kitek gives translations you and many others on here rush to thank him.If the translations add nothing,why are you and other CC members so anxious to thank him for the translations?
  8. And I call it dumb to pay to watch nudity and sex when you can get it for free on porn sites,sporto.
  9. So I'm dumb?Thought it was against CC rules to ridicule members on here.
  10. Never said I didn't want to watch Kami have sex.I said that's not the only reason I watch this apartment.To me this apartment is a real life soap opera and that's how I watch it.But without translations and social media I no longer get that much enjoyment from the soap opera. The only reason to watch the other apartments is for the sex,which to me is not worth paying for because I can get that from free porn sites.
  11. Lesbian orgy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO
  12. But it's the only apartment I'm interested in.If I just want sex I'll go to free porn sites.
  13. If I could understand what they are saying I would agree,but I can't.So not sure it's worth $45/month to me.
  14. If Kami just considers Ben someone to have fun with I think she will be willing to have sex in the apartment with him,but if she is really serious about him she may be afraid to have sex in the apartment for fear of losing him because of the cameras.