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  1. Or maybe RLC doesn't want us to see the fight between Kami and Kristy when Kami returns to pick up the rest of her stuff.
  2. Probably to remove Kami and Kaleys' names and maybe clean and do repairs in rooms.
  3. With sunlight I noticed there are house slippers in one of the bags Kami left on her bed. Wonder if she left those to wear for when/if she comes back before leaving for good. And maybe a change of clothes in the cloth bag.
  4. Dima gave it to her for Valentine's Day in 2016. Kami loved it until she and Dima broke up, and then she hated it. Remember, she use to sleep with it? Someone today said she also tore up the photo of herself on the sailboat with Ben. Ridding herself of old memories I guess.
  5. Who said that? Better stick to Russian. Apparently you don't understand English very well.
  6. If you want a good concise history of Kami and Kristy in this apartment I suggest reading the "Kami is back" and "Kristy is back" threads,especially the Kitek translations.
  7. Go back and read my CC comments from the time Kami arrived in Moscow to the present and then tell me I always saw Kami as innocent and perfect.
  8. It is impossible for me to have an intelligent conversation with you, because you misinterpret and misunderstand almost everything I say.
  9. You said masturbating like Leora was not Kristy's style, and I said just wait because taking cum shots to the face was not Kristy's style either, because until recently she did not do that. Like she didn't suck cock either but she does now. I was just trying to say that Kristy is now doing things she would not do before. I said nothing about whether it was good or bad. Although, personally I would never cum on a woman's face because I feel it shows domination and degradation of a woman.
  10. And you understand what you want to understand.
  11. Wait awhile. Cum shots to the face was not her style either.
  12. The way you said it was a put down. And everyone who reads the comment will see it that way.
  13. Maybe she can give us a Leora pose.
  14. After your very complimentary good-bye to Kami now back to your nasty behavior towards Kami? I knew your big beautiful compliment was a self-serving lie.
  15. Not their apartment, and Kami stays up late and sleeps into the afternoon.