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  1. Thestarider suspended me for using this blonde's name several months ago even though here is a CC sanctioned thread with her name in the title. LMAO
  2. Trump's tainted judges? And thank God Republicans blocked Obama's socialist policies.
  3. This is nothing more than Democrats attempting to make Trump look bad going into the 2020 election. They know there is no way in hell that 20 Republican Senators will vote to remove Trump from office. The only thing Democrat presidential candidates have to offer the American people is their hatred of Donald Trump. That's their whole political campaign for 2020.
  4. The true embarrassment to the country was Barack Hussein Obama, the little boy who pretended to be president for eight years, and who accomplished absolutely nothing positive for middle class America.
  5. The unbiased, fair minded Washington Post in their coverage of the killing described al-Baghdadi as a religious leader. LMAO
  6. And all the so called brilliant economists said Donald Trump would destroy the U.S. economy.
  7. They hate Trump because the news media tells them they are suppose to hate Trump.
  8. Looks like your great American hero, Barrack Hussein Obama, may have helped Trudeau get re-elected. LMAO
  9. When is the U.S. Senate going to investigate the four Democrat Senators who sent a letter to the leaders of Ukraine threatening to withhold U.S. financial aid if their government did not cooperate with the Mueller investigation of Paul Manafort when Manafort was part of Trump's presidential campaign? Sounds like Quid Pro Quo to me.
  10. So give me the names of the twenty Republican Senators who will vote to remove Trump from office. Trump has close to a 90% approval rating with Republican voters, so how many Republican Senators are willing to commit political suicide.
  11. Or like Stalin said, "Show me the person and I'll show you the crime." Come to think about it, Adam Schiff behaves much like a Stalinist.
  12. Maybe British workers want Brexit because they are tired of supporting lazy freeloaders in Greece, Spain and Italy.
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