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  1. And the cop who killed Floyd has been arrested and charged with murder. How dare you blame all police in America for the actions of a few. You are intellectually dishonest. When the NYC board was discussing defunding the police it was the NYC Black and Hispanic Caucus that opposed the defunding measure because they know that fewer police will mean an increase of crime in their neighborhoods.
  2. The police in the U.S. do protect people of all skin colors. If police in the U.S. are defunded it will be people of color who suffer most from the loss of police protection.
  3. If White Americans are required to pay slavery reparations to Black Americans will Barack Obama be forced to pay reparations to himself since his mother was White and his father was Black?
  4. 1951? Sorry, I don't live in the past. The film is irrelevant to what is going on today.
  5. What does Germany's racism problem have to do with America? Also, I found the film to be so simplistic and stereotypical that it was laughable. Looked like a propaganda film that would be made by the government of Cuba or Venezuela.
  6. You and your Marxist friends are the ones who hate people. I hate no one. I believe in equality for all. Like I said before, you are a phony.
  7. Bullshit. You understand nothing about this country. Fuck your Marxist capitalism hating viewpoint. Go fuck up Europe with to ignorant ideas and stay out of our business.
  8. What are you going to do, wallow in self-pity for the rest of your life? That's a good way to rationalize your failed life, but it doesn't do one damn thing to improve it. As a White American I owe you nothing.
  9. I really don't give a damn what a foreign asshole like you has to say about my country. Take care of your own fucking country, and we'll take care of ours.
  10. Much more chance that the new covid-19 cases were the result of Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters than from MAGA protesters. The younger age of newly infected people seems to confirm that theory. BLM protesters are on the whole younger and dumber than Trump supporters.
  11. Wrong. The large cities in the U.S. are populated mostly by Democrats, and that is where the majority of covid-19 cases and deaths are located. Also, the newer cases are of younger people who for the most part do not support Trump.
  12. No, those are the people who buy the the BLM and news media bullshit.
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