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  1. You claim to work 50-60 hours per week and pay taxes into the system, but you don't even know what a 1099 nor a W-2 are? LMAO
  2. He needs to step down because you know Biden can't beat him in a fair election? Sorry, dream on.
  3. You probably don't even know what a 1099 nor W-2 is, let alone pay anything in taxes.
  4. Not yet. He'll do that on November 3, and then several days or weeks later the Democrats will steal the election from him with the help of a corrupt news media.
  5. I think you're smelling yourself. Time for mommy to change your diaper, little bug eater.
  6. When is a news reporter going to ask Joe Biden how he managed to accumulate $10 million in net worth while working as a government employee?
  7. I wonder if mainstream news reporters are going to write their analysis of the Tuesday debate before or after the debate? Either way the analysis will be the same no matter what happens in the debate. They will declare Biden the big winner as long as he doesn't collapse or fall asleep on stage.
  8. Rant and rave all you want, little bug eater, Amy Coney Barrett will be a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and there is nothing you nor the Democrat Party can do to stop her.
  9. And how can any of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee sit there with a straight face and want to deny Amy Coney Barrett a hearing and an up or down vote when in 2016 they argued that Obama's appointee deserved a hearing and a vote? If it were a Democrat president making this pick, you and all the Democrat politicians would be fanatically supporting the nominee's right to a Senate hearing and vote. So don't call other people hypocrites when you are one yourself.
  10. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a "judicial activist". She made up law to fit her liberal progressive ideology. Ginsburg actually felt the Marxist constitution of South Africa was superior to the U.S. Constitution. Amy Coney Barrett believes in interpreting the U.S. Constitution as it was written.
  11. But you are a member of ANTIFA. Your total insanity reveals that fact.
  12. I think the Dems will soon remind us of what they did in the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearing. Sort of like an instant replay.
  13. Republican Voters Against Trump should actually be named Republican Voters Against America.
  14. And #1 in bug eating is 0_U 812 or better known as the lunatic Cody.
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