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  1. Just as in Barcelona where there was a photo of Kristy giving a condom to Kami as Kami was preparing to leave the apartment for a night of partying in Barcelona.
  2. I just watched a new video of Kami and the "California Dude" having sex.Video was recorded from camera#9. Just learned something very interesting from that video.I noticed that Kami got the condom they used from her pants pocket. So that tells me she was looking for sex when she went to the club that night.
  3. Could be both at the same time.The masturbation could be real and still be done for the camera.
  4. Apartment is in Moscow.The girls travel out of the country a lot.Kami and Kaley are out of Russia right now.
  5. But how many of those girls have had multiple bfs?In most of the apartments the girls have one bf.
  6. Since Feb.,2016 Kami has had two relationships(Dima & Egor) that I think she believed would be long lasting and probably result in marriage.In addition to those sexual encounters,Kami had what I consider to be casual sex with a stranger in Thailand,with a guy from the UK(Ben) who she met in Turkey,a stranger from California who she met in a Moscow bar,and she tried to have sex with an ex-bf from her hometown. I'm beginning to believe that Kami will only have casual sex with guys who do not live in Moscow in order to maintain her "good girl" reputation in Moscow. I think the ex-bf from her hometown lives in Moscow,but Kami knows that he loves her and still wanted to marry her,so I don't think he would brag to his friends about having sex with her.
  7. We complain about the lack of sex in this apartment.But if you stop and think about it,for the period of Feb.,2016 thru March,2018 Kami,Kristy and Kaley have had sex on camera with more guys than 95% of the other women on RLC. The problem with K,K,& K is that the relationships with their lovers don't last very long.
  8. Maybe Kami can find another "Mr.Perfect" in Cancun and feel like she lost her virginity for the fifth time.
  9. A lot of people on here will never be satisfied until the girls are all full blown porn stars.And then they'll tire of that and want new girls.
  10. Kristy's last party caused the apartment to go UM.
  11. Trip for sure.She just started packing her suitcase.
  12. Kami removing bikinis from her dresser.Another trip to the tropics?
  13. I watched the video of Kami and "California Dude" having sex,and had the same feeling about it as when I saw them in real time.The sex appeared very mechanical with a lack of emotional attachment between the two.Just like you would expect from two strangers who are just banging each other.I actually enjoyed the playful,sensual foreplay session between Kami and the ex-bf from her hometown more,even though they never actually had sex.There was a real loving,emotional connection between the two of them.