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  1. And what does your comment have to do with B-1?
  2. At least Kami had good orgasms when she bated under the covers..
  3. Let's see what you say when the Democratic Party gets wiped out in the 2020 election. What have they done for the American people for the last three years?
  4. Lev Parnas is Michael Avenatti #2, and will most likely end up in the same place as Avenatti.
  5. And with whips, handcuffs and bondage. That would be everyday real life.
  6. But they had begun an investigation of Burisma which was stopped when Joe Biden threatened to withhold U.S. government funds from Ukraine if the prosecutor investigating Burisma was not fired. And to quote Joe Biden in his bragging video, "... son of a bitch, he was fired." Burisma is the energy company in Ukraine where Hunter Biden was on the board of directors while Joe Biden was VP and had been assigned by Barack Obama to oversee operations in Ukraine. If you don't believe me watch the video of Biden on Youtube entitled, "Joe Biden Ukraine Video Bragging ".
  7. Historic legacies are based upon what a president has accomplished in his presidency to improve America and the lives of Americans. The Bidens had better hope to God that Giuliani never testifies because he has info and documentation to put both of them in prison for the rest of their lives.
  8. Yesterday Nancy Pelosi was wearing pink, in party mode and celebrating the signing of the articles of impeachment. Today she's wearing black and talking of how the impeachment is a sad and somber moment. Appears the woman is schizophrenic.
  9. This is 2020 and you are still complaining about the 2016 election. Grow up, little boy.
  10. You are fake news. You must be on the payroll of the DNC.
  11. Is that the extent of your comment, Mr. Brilliant?
  12. And you are right out of the DNC handbook. Lies, lies and more lies.
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