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  1. Even the last Twitter feed has disappeared ? There one minute gone the next. Hope they are back soon.
  2. These are the wrong type of people. What happened to the respectable quite friends they used to invite?
  3. Watching old videos from the last couple of years this couple were so happy and really enjoyed to party with their guests. So much love and passion. What went wrong ? Will it ever return ? We can only hope.
  4. It would be nice if someone in the vast number of members who could speak or at least understand their language to give those of us who do not understand some insight into what they are actually talking about. We can only guess at what is happening. ????
  5. Thank you lets hope Henry does not follow in our foot steps.
  6. ended up with alcohol induced cardiomyopathy Drink or Die Easy decision. Still here fifty years later.
  7. Did it myself many years ago. So sad he has come to this. Hope all is well for both of them.😘
  8. Sounds like Henry is being sick every where. Oh Dear what a way to end the night.
  9. I can understand that a new start with new friends. We look forward to your first party. Love you both.
  10. I have not seen Henry for the last 24 hours. If only I could understand what they talk about during the day it may help to understand how they are.
  11. Henry looks lost I think it has hit home ! He needs Mira. Lets hope it will all be good soon.
  12. Henry looks like he is off his face. I hope he dose not drive like that.!!
  13. I just hope he takes something or someone home for Mira !!!
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