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  1. where are mira and henry?once again on vacation?
  2. mira gets a morning fuck from henry 😃
  3. where did they go for a walk?
  4. a bit strange but intriguing question, does anyone have an appreciation with how many men mira fucked?
  5. I was at work and did not follow,does anyone know if mira fucked the guests yesterday?
  6. mira is h hungry for sex, she's been masturbating for helf an hour,she has to invite a guest tonight to fuck her and provide her with what hnry can't do for her.
  7. she really enjoyed the fuck with this guy,she had not had such a mood for a long time it was missing her,she wanted another round but the guy got dressed and left,I'm sure she'll invite him for another fuck.
  8. sad to see mira alone in bed while henry fucks happily in karel apartment,once mira would fuck everyone and henry was the spectator 😢
  9. oh mira when will happen?while you're sleeping alone in bed henry fucks endlessly,where were the days when it was upside down?😖
  10. I saw henry fucked guests but as I wrote mira has not fucked since with any guest since
  11. from the day henry and mira broke up she has not fucked with the guests who come to visit them,is that their new conclusion?
  12. it's not the same love it once was,there's tension in the air they barely talk to each other,😢
  13. how much henry magic wand was missing for mira,henry will go on like this she needs it 💖
  14. henry returned home but where did mira go?what's going on there?
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