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  1. Let's face it the truth .... it's really ugly and insignificant; and we politely do not add Darwinian comparisons.
  2. I would like to give Sergio dispassionate advice; I believe that the public that has been following you for a long time, has taken note that Teresa's company is not at all appreciated, both from the character point of view, both from the aesthetic point of view, and from the behavioral point of view. Although many would like Melissa to return, and she agrees with me, I would like to suggest you do not delay any longer; even "the current guest", whose name I do not know, surpasses the great Teresa and is much more representative of your way of being. Ever since the apartment has been frequented by Teresa ... it seems to have turned into a place of penance. She goes back to the parties of the past, with her friends and friends of the past, Cori, Herry, Krysta, Aaron, Minnie etc. etc.
  3. Sorry, but I don't understand how you managed to reproduce it: they are just images. If you can, send me a link where it plays. Thank you
  4. 127 / 5000 Risultati della traduzione Hi! Can anyone tell me what happened to Maren & Karel? Their apartment has disappeared and there are no indications.
  5. Good morning! Can anyone tell me where I can download the video of "Isa bart 3some (just sex) jul 10"?
  6. But have you noticed Mira's super depressed attitude over the past week? What about Henry as a compulsive schizophrenic? They almost seem to have finished their experience in VH.
  7. Judging by Mira's involvement ... that wouldn't seem like it at all; she always seemed annoyed and absent
  8. What if you try to organize a nice evening with Freddy & Harley? Maybe expanded to Cori and Herry?
  9. 84/5000 I share your concern about it; for this I repeat 10 years in a GULAG.
  10. Penalty? But what penalty are you talking about !? They must be arrested and sent to a GULAG for HOMOSEXUALS.
  11. Yes, maybe! A nice kick in the ass !!!!
  12. What happened in that "brothel", and which everyone considered shameful, must be a warning to everyone; VH must report to the police ALL participants in the fact! He must personally guarantee the dignity of the people who in this case have been trampled on by a "bunch of idiots and rascals". As for Sirius and Lily, let them go back to the sewers they came out of.
  13. We have already hidden the realm and taking the necessary measures. Thank you for your message. Best wishes, Voyeur House TV Support
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