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  1. A good friend shouldn't always expect something in return . Some friends are just good entertainment to have around and sometimes they can help attract other friends. The more the merrier.
  2. This guy always knew how to fuck Sina well. I was wondering what ever happened to him ....
  3. These two have been having condom troubles all night
  4. All that seems plausible for now. But who knows. Usually the more people fuck, the closer they become... And feelings blossom .
  5. Didn't mean you Robwin . Read between the lines.. i dont blacklist anybody (even if i could). freedom of speech.
  6. Thats one way to look at it. what i got is opposite views. one wants a show for his buck(put out or fuck off), other is more "you can stay all you want i'll just blacklist you "
  7. The two previous post that you liked .
  8. Robwin make up your mind..😁
  9. I couldn't care less . They are only as good as they are around .
  10. Dont know where this hatred of Katrin comes from . I think she's one of the most outgoing people left. Easy to engage at anytime and enterract at anytime .And most of all , fucks with a passion thats at same beastial and erotic(fake or not).And she seems insatiable.
  11. I don't think he's that much into Bev. He barely kisses her(she does).And he has a hard time staying hard. Truth be told though . Alan is not a fan of condoms.
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