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  1. Their relationship has hit the next phase. Away with the mask and the condom...
  2. Bet you they know their way around the prick. A mouth well fed , doesnt complain 😁
  3. With great beauty comes some class. Pitiful!! Don't drink if you can't handle your alcohol.
  4. Sorry Jab, Melissa is gone, you'll just have to do Teresa and move on..😜
  5. What is going on with the archives? Either someone at VH has a serious fixation with Bev and Hugo or its a technical error. Bev walking, Bev brushing her teeth, Bev sitting ,Bev eating, Bev Breathing... For fucksakes!!
  6. According to the dynamic of their relationships that we've come to know over the years, Stephie is just a fuck toy. Sabrina is like the lady of the house , so has a bit more leverage.
  7. This is Sabrina, the girl he started the project with. The one we've always considered his "girlfriend". Stephie and Sabrina and Scott all lived in one apt at some point and shared the almighty Scott. Today she's back all over his dick like she really missed it.
  8. Ohh ok. If it didn't happen on VH, then fuckit lol Thanks though
  9. Won't be the 1st time on VH. I think People who start on VH single ,should be wise to remain single till they leave.
  10. Her and her ex (Jules) must be on Nutrisystem or Noon.
  11. The fanny, with moderate grooming and up keep is actually one of the cleanness parts of the female body. It's self-cleaning ability is extraordinary. But given the doubtful level of hygiene of some of the girls on VH. I hear you on the fanny munching without any 2nd thoughts .
  12. What is "Jabbath1987" ? Last I checked there's no convention for name spelling. There's a girl who's name is Abcdef. Weird in english right? But it's something else in another language. Just saying...
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