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  1. I don’t understand which checks do you mean. We want to create a good picture and better view for people. It’s only for the ones that are interested. If you want to troll us, you may continue talking your talk. I’m only thinking how to make us more entertaining for people’s pleasure. And we are NOT asking for money. We’ll try to rent a house without any help. It’s only for the ones, who are INTERESTED to make the process FASTER. Ps: if you were not trolling, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to accidentally offend a polite person. If so, I want to ask you
  2. Mrbusi Hi We were sick lately. Now we are starting to invite guests again. But there is a problem. Our neighbour is irritated by our parties and he wants to complain to the police. We talked to him, but he doesn’t want to compromise. He started calling the flats’s owner at night and throwing a tantrum. Now we are searching for a house that we can move to. We need to save money for it - it’s harder and longer without parties. Also, most of the houses cost 400-600$ more than we can afford now. And we are taking into account that we are searching for a small house. I think that hav
  3. My friend, I'm not a god to see everything and at once, as soon as I noticed that the mirror was covering the camera's view, I removed it.
  4. without worrying we will have parties and guests. they really should have been last week but something went wrong (
  5. all is well, she is just very afraid of injections. we got a little sick (
  6. Bella left for a couple of days
  7. fornik I do not whine at guests. I understand perfectly well that everything that gets into the network will remain there, the only thing is that in countries, under certain circumstances, this can cause problems. Sonnenhoch ?? I can say that the black guy won't be here soon, he's only here because he had a difficult period and I offered him to stay with us for a while. But now I'm tired of him morally, let's add here his quarrels with Sophie and Cloudy.
  8. hotkefguy ,they are free to fuck as they feel comfortable, we will not tell them how to have sex. besides, 2 videos with their participation got on a site not related to this project, this is not a very pleasant moment
  9. fornika what is the opposite if the girl prepared in advance? najanjan yes I temporarily closed the entrance to the group BAY KİRA watch carefully) I often have anal sex with girls. two fingers in the ass and they quickly finish and the second orgasm is from anal sex. alas, the camera angle does not always allow you to see it
  10. If you don't have multiple relationships, then you are NOT polyamorous. ⠀ Polyamory is, first of all, a system of these relationships, which allows the possibility of providing services of love relationships in a person with the simultaneous consent and approval of all participants in these relationships. The belief system, do you understand?
  11. I'm wondering what you mean by polyamorous relationships?
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