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  1. I was hoping that Martina was going to get it on with Meghan during the time that Nelly was wasted. However, that didn`t happen after Nelly caught the two dancing nude in Meghan`s room. Nelly went into a drunken rage and later passed out. Since then, Martina hasn`t been seen with Nelly.
  2. Personally, I think that the relationship between Martina and Nelly is a thing of the past. Nelly got drunk and then jealous when she saw Martina dancing with Meghan. I don't speak Russian so I have no idea what Nerlly said to her but they haven't seen each other since that episode and that's been almost two weeks.
  3. Hi all. Just registered here. I`m a veteran of the old chat that was last named www.discussed.cc I used the name "tbirdman" but couldn't get it accepted here. MAB doesn't seem to like me here,either. It keeps telling me that the latest topics from Friday do not exist. WTF?? Am I doing something wrong here?
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