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  1. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam General #2

    This whole conversation is fascinating not just because of the ideas and analysis of the situation and the dynamics of the relationship, but because of the obvious weaknesses of the translation software. I find it very unsatisfactory when trying to figure out what the original posters are trying to say due to the inadequate translation software. Get the gist of it but may be on the wrong track altogether !!!!
  2. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    I'll second that!!!😊
  3. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam General #2

    What brings you to that conclusion? Pure imagination or evidence you can point to? I'm curious. Not that I'd blame Sam if he did, of course.
  4. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    That was so good! Leora is hardly avoiding us! Thanks for the link Just Man. Can't thank you enough really.
  5. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    It's very strange that I couldn't find this video post from Just Man when I looked at the time it was posted and I still can't find it under this date and time where I'm looking. So for quoting the original post including the links I must thank you profoundly Amende and Just Man equally so. Oddly now I can't see any of the accompanying pictures, though. Very happy to have seen these two clips eventually. But now I can see the photos so that must have been a memory issue on my phone. That's good to know
  6. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Not sure I understand any of this. All the posters who've generously posted for ages like Hope and Howard and BBQsq etc not to mention Just Man have enjoyed great support and thanks from everybody for their contributions which are easily accessible and safe for all, not requiring any technical know-how to download and watch. But a few recent isolated posters who provide links that strike fear and anxiety into the minds of regulars, used to links from mb and the like, suddenly find themselves targetted as ungrateful leeches. It's like someone came to the playground where everyone has been happily playing for years and bringing his toys along to share with them, but after a few happy playmates don't especially like the toys he brings along, he's taking away ALL the toys and going home. Classic dummy spit. Or am I missing something here? I thought we were all getting along so well these days, too.....
  7. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    A very well-reasoned response and my suspicions are definitely similar to your own. A shame as we are a group of like-minded and generally agreeable and genuine individuals. There's always one who has to spoil it for the other well-intentioned members.
  8. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam General #2

    Nice analogies
  9. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    Doesn't look as comfortable as the previous carpet..... Video hasn't shown up yet, in the videos section, but these gifs are a great start as another wonderful week gets under way.
  10. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam General #2

    I shall have to look up George-Louis De Buffon. I had not come across his name before. Some women may object to coming second to the horse but then many of them do tend to be attention-seeking at times! Breaking in a horse may be an essential skill for a horse owner to possess but breaking in a woman could well be a life-long experience for many of us!
  11. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam General #2

    Lost in translation, I'm sure, but who is this 'Comme' and who indeed is 'Buffon'? I know only the Italian goalkeeper, Buffon and Comme I know not, unless it's How at the start of a new sentence being capitalised?....
  12. bubbleobillo

    Anabel & Efim - Videos (2018)

    Am assuming that both occupants of this apartment are either music students or professional musicians who need to practice at home as we often see Efim drawing the bow over his double bass. Suspect that Nelly is a violin and guitar hobbyist rather than a serious musician. But she does have many strings to her bow, all the same.
  13. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    She's done it many times before, the dog being there does not worry her, only the barking or distraction for the viewers later, or sometimes Paul when he's in another room and unaware of what Leora is getting into.
  14. bubbleobillo

    Chloe & Tyler - Videos (2018)

    Not the first time this has been mentioned. Doubt it's something he does by choice. It looks like Chloe can't stand having him coming on any part of her body, front or back, and insists that he keeps it well away from her. Surely there's no way he'd get any extra kick out of coming in this way.....
  15. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    How safe are these to download? It asks for allow on downloading notifications. What kind of notifications would those be? Am I being over-cautious in assuming it's spam or worse? Mab is so much more reassuring in this regard....