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  1. Nice session in the LR! Good timing around 2am their time.
  2. Seems to be a scattergun approach. Not only are many of the participants teasers, but RLC itself is doing much the same by removing at random some of the usually free rooms and giving us the occasional free look at what are normally members-only rooms. Seems to be purely ad hoc and aimed at teasing potential new members. Old members wouldn't care and long-time non-members would certainly be a little annoyed to suddenly miss out on seeing a couple of kitchens that have become familiar friends, albeit only temporarily excluded from them right now. I'm sure it's not accidental as it's been happening for a week or two already and not the work of some poorly-trained intern. And some of the blue-bordered free cams showing up on the preview are in fact locked when trying to look at them, as well.
  3. I think the name of Nana was chosen because it is just another quite common female name in Europe, and much of the non-English-speaking world, whereas in the US and maybe even the UK Nana can be one of a number of short term endearments for a grandmother. Nana was a famous name in erotic fiction as this wikipedia entry shows. Nana (novel) - Wikipedia Those living all their lives in English-speaking countries may find the name Nana confronting, but I very much doubt that Europeans, or many others around the world, would blink an eyelid. Emile Zola told it as it was, warts and all. Nana. A woman of pleasure.
  4. Yes, excellent summaries and some sanity brought into the discussion, which had long been full of vitriol and petty quibbles or wild allegations and conjecture from a very few, disturbed individuals.
  5. I think this move is good for Gina. She seems happier and more sensible being required to look after herself more and when with visitors like now looks to be more relaxed and comfortable all round. Being in a small place with her own space is a positive move for sure. Maybe she's been hanging out for this for some time and is basically relieved to be there now at last.
  6. That's the promotional video used to lure potential new subscribers. It's full of ancient misleading sample videos of tenants, many of whom are no longer with the project. False advertising in every respect and in very short clips offering nothing we haven't seen before
  7. If you mean Efim, it was the double bass not the cello. You need to stand to play the double bass and you sit down to play the cello. Nelly played the violin and occasionally the guitar, wonder what happened to those instruments?....
  8. Great post! So down to earth and realistic. No pretence. If it works for you and your wife, then I say why not? Many don't have that understanding and are subject to harsh control mechanisms emanating from either partner. As long as your wife has the same liberty to do things with her own friends and to follow her desires in a non-judgmental fashion.
  9. Excellent post, really succinct and perfectly put together. Can't fault your analysis.
  10. And as regards seeing 'the writing on the wall' there's nothing to write home about here and you saw it here first!
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