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  1. Yes, it's definitely getting out of hand now, unfortunately.
  2. bubbleobillo

    Nelly & Bogdan - Videos (2018)

    Superb work, Hope!
  3. bubbleobillo

    Jasmin & Jim - Videos (2018)

    You're not kidding! Why is it only slow in Asia, though? I'd have thought it depended on the country's internet speed which varies from one country to another?...
  4. bubbleobillo

    Nelly & Bogdan - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Wish I still had their stamina!
  5. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic June 2018

    How did the dog keep quiet during this episode? Usually that's a dead giveaway. Even locked out of the GR Eva can get pretty excitable when Leora begins to moan and throw herself about. And the vapours usually don't escape the dog most of the time, even from another room. I thought it was a little more subdued than it sometimes is, but definitely Leora got to the full orgasm stage. But then she seemed to return soon after finishing and appeared to be thinking about doing something more, before thinking better of it, as if not completely satisfied. Interesting.
  6. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

  7. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    Watched it live. Thanks for posting, Howard, as my feed was lagging. Surprised to see Leora getting the place to herself on a Sunday afternoon. She did seem bothered by the heat, so maybe it was not planned to use the GR up to this time.
  8. bubbleobillo

    Yulia and Ivan General Thread July #1

    I'd rather not! A depressing note on which to move to another apartment to find something less distressing to ponder over!
  9. bubbleobillo

    Nelly & Bogdan - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Switched immediately to the bedroom so we may most of us miss out after all...
  10. bubbleobillo

    Nelly & Bogdan - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Nelly hard at it on the sofa right now. A pleasant surprise for us all...
  11. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic June 2018

    Great work from The Dude to get the video up so soon and the link worked perfectly. Simple instructions and no technical knowledge needed so very much appreciated. Haven't come across this programme before, but it appears to be very satisfactory indeed. Very fast too.
  12. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul General Chat Topic June 2018

    Leora always delivers! If it's a Premium members show one day we can be sure the plebs will get their chance the next! But I wonder what she'll do with the pooch once she finds what Eva has done during her rapture! Top show, Leora. One of your best and most intense. The dildo certainly does the trick on these occasions! Sorting out the dog may be another matter. Love and discipline. An uneasy balance with Eva and Leora never exactly in perfect synch.
  13. bubbleobillo

    Nelly & Bogdan - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Actually they probably have more parties at their place than any other couples on the site. You must have been away at the time. Not partner-swapping parties, just social drinking and games parties, but they are the ideal hosts and I'm sure a few new tenants have come out of their parties down the years, most of whom have proven good for the site.
  14. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Why does life have to be so complicated?...…….not everybody has a technical brain. The boffins no doubt enjoy and even revel in these challenges. Others just shrug their shoulders in total incomprehension. Making things simple doesn't mean everyone is a simpleton. They're just wired differently.
  15. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam - Videos (2018)

    Forgot to use my airbridge for this one. I'm sure it was an oversight and yes the ad after ad was quite painful, wasn't it!