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  1. Eva was one of the better ones and she did appear briefly at Masha's but not since. Would be a good replacement for Leora and Malia should they both decide to leave the project.
  2. I have an idea that it is a kind of festival time in Prague and the Czech Republic in general as a friend posted some photos of street parties and celebrations going on with food, wine and music. Mind you, that could happen all summer long in Prague as it's a happening place, but it might have been because some restrictions were lifted and people went out to celebrate!
  3. Next she'll be asking you why you want to learn Russian after all these years! She's naturally suspicious I'd imagine, like most women.
  4. Sorry to hear this and you certainly explained it well. Hopefully not to be repeated, scaring you and the rest of the family, so best wishes for a return to as normal as possible in the circumstances,
  5. You did well. I couldn't even find a forward slash (or is it back slash?)on my keyboard! Must be easier ways to do these things! Most frustrating when mab usually is very straightforward for technophobes to use!
  6. Thanks for adding the names. A very useful addition for many of us I'm sure.
  7. I agree with almost everything you have written here. It's the most down-to-earth and realistic appraisal so far, of what's been happening, so thanks for putting it down in words so that it's on the record. We'll see in a month or so how close you are in your assessment.
  8. I tend to agree about Malia. She doesn't masturbate because of desire or horniness, but out of trying to do something that's cool as shown to her by her friend Leora, at least on camera. Off camera in her own space she could well take to self pleasuring but we'll probably never see it as it's a private thing. Not so much that she's non-sexual, more unawakened and still inhibited in many ways. Definitely Leora loves to prolong the build-up - but she always has. She won't be rushed. And why should she, at least when she's alone? For Malia's sake I hope she does eventually find the right formula for genuine release and will see that it's not something that happens in a matter of minutes. Two good friends trying to make the most of this very unusual living arrangement. Good luck to them both.
  9. Only if they resort to 69 will we know if they are serious about mutual stimulation and I very much doubt that is in their locker...….that's probably going way beyond their boundaries.
  10. Thanks for taking all the effort to respond to our concerns regarding your health, mate. Sure you're in good hands and probably wise not to send the machines off the top of the charts by looking at caps of Leora! Follow medical advice closely and don't try too much too soon. Especially with those nurses, who may have good hearts but also know how to lay down the law! Speedy recovery and stay safe
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