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  1. Well, that's one theory! Then a bicycle ride to work it off, hopefully!
  2. There'll be more later. There MUST be! Just a matter of when, not if.
  3. It looked pretty obvious that when she went to the bathroom sooner or later she'd be unable to resist the temptation as she was looking very toey sitting on the couch and was desperate to get off, literally. Only the concern of the dog barking probably slowed her down in starting her bate as prolonging the preliminaries might put the dog off the scent! If only!
  4. Not a lot in it for Leora, was there? A short lick of the clit and then a quick attempt at penetration before his relief became more urgent, not hers. Hopefully Leora will still be looking for something for herself, later and we'll be able to share that even if we have to wait a little while for the opportunity to present itself and for her to get in the zone again.
  5. Wishing you all the best and hang in there mate! Hope the operation sorts it for you.
  6. Not the most passionate of couples though they seem happy enough as far as it goes. But the dynamics between them are almost detachment rather than excitement and sexual tension which you'd expect in people in this situation. We'll never know what they'd be like if there were no cameras present, but that applies to most of the apartments, perhaps Nelly and Bogdan aside.
  7. At least what you're writing is a lot easier to understand than some of the translated words of others, which make no sense whatsoever most of the time. Better off reading them in the original Italian or French for all the sense it makes when translated into 'English'
  8. I lost the picture too so now I know it wasn't my own internet connection that was responsible.
  9. More amused than enthused, it appears. Not unhappy about it, just non-committal and not exactly excited by it all. Just amused, which is a good description I think.
  10. Closest you get to being a Frenchman is munching on a Freddo Frog!
  11. I'm sure Leora will be keen to add this to her family album!
  12. Indeed I shall! I must admit I didn't play it uninterrupted as I needed to be discreet with the sound. Just the last few minutes which seemed to be the climactic part, but will look at it in its entirety when I get the chance!
  13. Twice in quick succession proves how sensual Anabel really is and how adept she is at her technique. Maybe one day Leora will learn how to come twice in a row like this, giving herself a bonus boost after the first explosion has died away. Hope so.
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