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  1. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam - Pictures (2018)

    Eva looks 'hot to trot'!
  2. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam - Videos (2018)

    What a waste!
  3. He may need to get more leads! You can never have too many leads where computers are concerned. And a certain kind of lead is hard to find so he may need to go a little further afield to find it. We wish!
  4. He's completely ignoring her as he's so wrapped up in his technical work on the computer. She seems to be sounding off about something, maybe all the electrical leads on the floor making it like an assault course! I'm sure it's just frustration with not being alone and being expected to cook for him without him even bothering to engage her in conversation. Then again he may think she's nagging and ignoring her is better than fighting her. Either way, other than enjoying Leora in her latest costume change and parading around the LR with other things on her mind than mere food, or in Paul's case computer topics, we could be waiting a while now for anything interesting to happen again soon, at least on the free cams.
  5. We got lucky and should be thankful for small mercies. He was indeed just around the corner. Now what urgent errand can he be sent on next, I wonder?
  6. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Pictures (2018)

    Yes but for Leora a towel is far less sensual than a duvet and to be totally turned on Leora needs everything to be as sensual as possible. Towels are too drab for her. It's not about what's practical for her but what enhances her total experience to orgasm.
  7. You just know that Leora is itching for more very soon. Her demeanour suggests she's feeling very sensual and another slower build-up could be just around the corner. As long as Paul isn't! :-))
  8. bubbleobillo

    Lana & Robert - Pictures (2018)

    Unless of course they made their flat available for a party for friends who didn't have one of their own and let them get on with it, discreetly going about their own affairs in the meantime and let their friends play host?....
  9. bubbleobillo

    Lana & Robert - Videos (2018)

    Very nice quickie indeed! Well captured both of you! Think they may have been disturbed before the end, though.
  10. bubbleobillo

    Lana & Robert - Videos (2018)

    Coitus interruptus?...
  11. bubbleobillo

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    A slice of good fortune if he can catch her naked reflection in the highly-varnished Guest Room door. So near and yet so far. And the door has been left open wide, which is a great temptation!
  12. bubbleobillo

    Eva & Sam General Topic #4

    Very deflating for all of us!
  13. bubbleobillo

    Lana & Robert General Chat

    We have action in the kitchen after a long hiatus. Worth a look I'd imagine. Then again it all came to nothing as they have company!
  14. bubbleobillo

    Nelly & Bogdan - Videos (2018)

    Nelly really enjoyed that didn't she! Totally spontaneous.
  15. bubbleobillo

    Nelly & Bogdan - Pictures (2018)

    And only a few weeks ago, if not days, she rejected his anal advances again and they really looked awkward for some time afterwards. I'd say unless she initiates it, which is unlikely, Bogdan had better not even suggest it again in the foreseeable future.