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  1. Good point Corbo and also good to see you back on the forum again. Shame Nelly has gone downhill since the days she and Bogdan lived together in Russia and led a socially varied life with friends and visitors, but no great excess and more often seen playing the violin and cleaning naked than what she's doing nowadays. Bogdan seems the more stable of the two, but as we know vodka is often drunk this way in Russia, down the hatch, but I always thought it was more of a male thing than female, and haven't noticed Bogdan drinking in the same way. These two have become far less responsible individua
  2. Only girly conversation. Everybody in this place has a good appetite, often getting the munchies in the wee small hours and always seem to find something to eat with minimum fuss.
  3. Isn't that to try and drown out what's going on in the 'master' bedroom?!
  4. Yet to see a male referred to in these forums in a complimentary way, some are barely tolerated, while others are considered as no better than scum! Which is normal for the challenged male ego I suppose! As for cigarette butts, unfortunately a significant percentage (definitely not ALL) smokers have little regard for their fellow citizens and discard butts or even cigarette packs indiscriminately wherever they happen to be instead of waiting for a bin or ashtray. Similarly challenged citizens have replaced cigarette butts with disposable masks, which are appearing on the ground everywhere
  5. Idiomatic English can be the most challenging for non native-speakers. So many things come into play, be they culturally generated or locally significant, very hard to teach with text books and only really acquired through conversation and exposure to everyday language usage.
  6. Amazing what you find out that should have been obvious! Mice on planes, hopefully less so.
  7. Where is this date shown? Do they normally show a date when they show the aircraft symbol? I've never seen one, so maybe not looking in the right place?
  8. For what it's worth, I noticed while Holly was making breakfast for herself and the boy she'd been with all morning that Nelly and Megan both came in and were introduced to him and shook his hand warmly. It gave every indication that it was the first time either of them had met him. So I'd suggest it was his first visit to the villa. I do think he's an old lover of Holly's who's catching up - and how!
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