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  1. They are gone the whole day again today...
  2. Seems they have got lot of work to do today...
  3. That is the wierdest thing I have seen in RLC.. WTH was she thinking..
  4. Thanks for understanding. It's just my belief that when things go wrong with one the other half should show the mentality and courage to not let it go and mend it best way possible. And they start cuddling in bedroom..
  5. I am no relationship expert but from my personal experience it used to take us hours to even talk to each other and give each other time to calm down. My life is filled with such situations as I had been married for 20 years before I lost her. So yes, I do think things get sorted over period of time. We just need to be patient and honest to each other.
  6. Sarcasm at its best.. I don't expect you to believe it. But I do know them and am in touch with them.. Moreover who doesn't have a crisis in relation. It doesn't mean that it's broken, it just means it needs sorting out. Atleast that is what happens at my place .
  7. Yup.. I do.. I have met one of them and spoken to both..
  8. It was not about the phone. The phone discussion happened a few days ago when they were in Bedroom. Today it seemed about something else.
  9. That was some argument.. Linda seems upset but atleast they argue without raising their voices.. Reminds a lot about my relationship before losing my Love...
  10. How are you today sir?? Hope all good at your end.. Seems mood has changed in L&T apartment today.. Both are spending time with each other since morning..

  11. How can we become premium members and its benefits?

    1. StnCld316
    2. Sunjoy


      Sorry to bother again. But I just needed to know what do we get in Premium Forums. Do we get to see videos/photos and chat with rlc members or just the same forums as on free site.

      Thanks in Advance

  12. I agree with u on that.. The way they move is hilarious. It's just that something's that are written seem unfair. Martina was also upset about what was written about them and had a long chat with Alberto about it. That is where I feel sometime people forget about the boundaries. The texting could also be related to OF as she is active there.. No hard feeling Sir. It is lovely talking with you.. Tk cr.. Be safe..
  13. To each their own.. Can't say much other than that I do believe that their relationship is as strong as ever..
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