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  1. I think it would be great to bring some of our favorite people from Moscow to Barcelona for a holiday. We could catch up with Kristy and Mara with their boyfriends in a different location say for 30 days and enjoy their real life holiday.
  2. I believe that both Alana and Rosalie would be overjoyed to have sex in the apartment. I think their difficulty is each of them finding the right guy. These girls are not sluts. They won't be jumping into the cot with anyone for the sake of a fuck to appease those on here who think they should. I think and look forward to both of these girls entering into a meaningful relationship with a guy who appreciates and likes them. The sex will then be interesting to follow.
  3. I'll bet that Kristy is totally unaware that he done this. Mind you she really enjoyed the sex pounding she just received from him and is still on Cloud 9.
  4. I really concur with all you have written northguy. I am really enjoying following these girls with their daily lives. They are natural in all their interactions in this apartment. I might add that I get a little disappointed with the negative comments I read of Alana and Rosalie. For instance calling Alana the "cleaning lady" is a bit rich. Alana is doing what she would do in her normal life whether she be at home with her parents or in another apartment. She will make a great wife to some lucky guy on day. She and Rosalie just need to find the right guy. If I was Alana I'm sure I would not be jumping into bed with some of those drunk (really drunk) guys we have witnessed in this apartment. These girls are not sluts and one should not be thinking they are. These girls would all have come from great families as they often visit their families and they have photos on display.
  5. Did anyone catch up on Kristy and Boy Toy on the Living Room couch before they went to bed. Before I went out there was no one home. When I returned home which was like 40 minutes later and checked the apartment Kristy was picking up what looked like a belt that had possibly tied around her wrists. Both she and Toy Boy did not look happy and he still had an erection. Next thing Kristy was in the kitchen and he came in with what looked like cum on the front of his shorts. (I think). Next thing they were in bed asleep. No sex???? Can anyone fill in the pieces. Many thanks
  6. I agree with you North. I have held off being critical of him ever since she let him into her bedroom. I find him to be loud, boisterous and painful with the way he is treating Kristy. I think Kristy is really enjoying the long hard sex sessions but I don't think he has ever made her cum yet. I may be wrong but that is how I see it. It will be interesting to see how long this relationship continues. If he hits her again and she doesn't send him packing then she will have to put up with it for as long as the relationship continues. Oscaraus.
  7. Trouble in Paradise?. Stephan and Kristy have a difficult conversation. Kristy clearly not happy. Wish I understood Russian so I could know what the problem is.
  8. Have you noticed that Kristy's boy has taken over her side of the bed nearest the door. I'm starting to think he may be around for some time??
  9. There is no doubt that the sex between Maracuya and her boyfriend is absolutely teriffic. They really love and respect each other and both seem to well and truly satisfied. I think Kristy loves the pounding she receives from her boyfriend but I don't think he has made her cum yet. I will be interesting to see where this relationship will go. Meanwhile I hope both girls are on the Pill because if they aren't both are taking risks of becoming pregnant.
  10. Can someone please explain what the steam machine is all about in Kristy's room? Many thanks
  11. Totally agree Ridge. These girls never left the apartment for the sake of sex. Both of them have family in Moscow and a lot of their time outside of the apartment was spent with family. Loved watching them taking soo long to get dressed to go to a Club but hardly ever did they bring people they met at the Club home. Considering the time they left for the club and the time they arrived back home there was not even enough time for a quicky. They never arrived back in the apartment looking any different to the way they left. Their life style was/is consistent with what I see similar aged people here in Australia act.
  12. Don't agree with you at all. If you watched this apartment constantly as I did/have there is no way it was censored in any shape or form ever and at all.
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