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  1. Now that the other apartments are gone and the current apartments are limited I hardly even look at the RLC website. Anyone else?
  2. Anyone else notice in this picture that the image in the mirror she is flipping her hair, but sitting at the table is sitting perfectly still??? FREAKY!!! 😮
  3. Those dumbass wigs make the girls look like a couple of clowns. I wish they would stop weaving them in. :-/
  4. tktoo


    There's some really HOT guests there right now...3 females and a dude. Two blondes are smoking hot!!
  5. The girls are getting drunk again in the guest room...and I have to go to work.
  6. Yeah, I'm a bonehead...didn't even realize who she was since she had her hair down...Most of the time she has her hair up in her apt, and I'm not looking at her face too much there either. LOL...sorry for that post.
  7. She is SOOOOOOO fun to look at!! I NEVER get tired of looking at her!! I think she looks wonderful in long hair...makes her even sexier to me. :)
  8. And yet you have time to complain about dumb shit on this forum. I believe it is you who are the funny one. If you want pictures, try subscribing to the forum. Hey dumba--, if YOU could read, I AM subscribed...so read this... "BLOW ME"!!! Funny is your 1" dick...dick.
  9. What, no pictures? Try reading. hahaha, you're funny....as if I am gonna waste my time reading the nonsense in this forum....ain't nobody got time for that!!! lol
  10. camcaps is starting to get just as boring with all of the blocked or removed images... :-/
  11. yumminess in the apt right now...they just need to get undressed now. :-D
  12. Just saw her crying and yelling at him, and then stormed out the front door, as he just layer there on the couch. As soon as she left he looked at his phone? Anyone know what happened this time?
  13. and why are they sitting in the dark in the kitchen looking at the computer???
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