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  1. I really hope Anastasia stays in the project. She is such a great performer, who can get along with epic a**holes. I really like to see her happy for a while.
  2. Lisa

    I thoroughly checked timeline. The guy had erection problem, could not penetrate. Lisa should frustration a few times, but she was kind and cool overall. Well.... Karma is a bitch. With all the blue balls Lisa gave to the visitor guys - and us - she gets blue vage tonight... How does that feel Lisa ?
  3. Lisa

    I like your verification approach ... for women ! It is like: "excuse me, would you lose you pant, I might recognize you" :)
  4. Lisa

    Just checked timeline. lewis is not here. They haven't eat, and keep drinking. the clear bottle is hard liquor and it is empty. If that dark bottle is above 40% alcohol, then these guys will pass out, with green balls.
  5. Oh, that explains. I don't look/follow gay apartments.
  6. Mika & Layne

    Do we know who is she and if Layne had any progress working on her case? Please don't tell me she is the sister of someone :(
  7. I do not recognise the apartment layout. Where is this place? Did you take this recently?
  8. Voyeur-House.tv

    Be careful when you mix all LBGT together in this business context. It is right thing to mix all LBGT into one matter when it comes to politics. That is fine. However, when it comes to sex entertaining business (AKA porn) , each of the LGBT's 4 elements can turn into separate niche (but profitable) market. Once again, I am all for gay community. I worked with many gay folks, some are my good friends. They are reliable, smart and intellectual. My comments here are strictly business here.
  9. Voyeur-House.tv

    Thanks for the update. Please don't get me wrong, I like you!
  10. Voyeur-House.tv

    Lets see how it works for them. Yes, we can ignore the apartments we don't like, but VHTV is betting money on this direction. So far, the VH success was based on technical innovation where they could deliver timeline and archive. As simple as it seems, that requires huge amount of storage and server optimization - trying not to involve in software engineering topics here. However, the rest of business model is just copycat from the market lead RLC. According to Alexa, RLC's global rank is 701 where is VHTV is 7492. That is a huge gap! Moreover that gap is even much bigger in US, the biggest paid porn consumer market in the world. Adding Gay content is a risky decision that RLC never consciously made. Look at RLC's Alexa ranking history, their ranking declined so bad in April 2017, and they rapidly recovered. Why? they have massive customer basis, and can recover from mistakes. A luxury that VHTV does not have. I surely hope VHTV did their homework before the decision. Good luck VHTV with this direction.
  11. Voyeur-House.tv

    Is this going to be a trend? Are you sure that is this a good business idea? Recurrent subscription business success is all based on data analysis and data science. The biggest porn businesses did research and the conclusion was that it is not a good idea to mix gay contents with (Lesbian + Straight) content. They are totally different product.
  12. I was looking at the new staging site: https://staging.voyeur-house.tv/ I hope the staging site is wrong.
  13. Edda & Joe

    Is Edda a dental hygienist?
  14. Do we know why Serena name was taken from the Apartment name? I certainly hope she is not gone.
  15. Maria & Grisha Part #2

    They have fine camera setup work that is not easily doable in very large places.