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  1. I see, so that was the point. Yes, the eye contact fascinates me too.
  2. I am enjoying this place. I wish they consider a better camera setup that the place deserves.
  3. Hey Ash, that makes two of us. Things going well. I follow Leonie, Katrin, Leslie and Derek friends nowadays. Who is on your radar?
  4. After so many months, still I can't figure out whether this guy is genuinely "underdeveloped" or just a troll.
  5. Apparently she left. She was not happy, my guess is because of his bad performance. Alcohol could be a factor too.
  6. I hope you didn't miss this... Her unique and signature position.
  7. Some really hot action is about to happen here. People with heart problem should leave immediately.
  8. Well, at least there is no shortage of bedroom in this place.
  9. I think VH has deliberately chosen not to provide a "recommended camera setup" guide to the participant. That could be to avoid dictating things to participants and respect their freedom. But many new tenants learn the correlation between the "good camera setup in their realm" and money income after a few month,
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