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  1. I can mention a few exceptions, but somehow I feel I shouldn't. Quite contrary to Leah, Nadia has potentials for exceptions. She just needs more time...
  2. Don't we all like exceptions? Like how Logan fucked the shit out of Em?
  3. Too over-complicated. It is quite simple. They are young. Enjoying each other with no commitment while they are making some money. She has a nice ass, so we get entertained. Isn't that a win win? Plus, their friend will join soon and as a group they make more money and we will be entertain even more. This is not Violet and Jeff situation. If things don't work well for these two, they have nothing to loose.
  4. Did anyone count how many times did they have sex? I lost count ....
  5. They had their time in VH and stretched their expiry for long time. I am sure George will impress us with bringing new talents to that place. Although, there seems to be a constant challenge with finding good male talent in siberia. There are so many stunning ladies there though.
  6. VH customer support has always been good to me in past few years. When I open a ticket, they do everything in their power to accommodate. I like VH.
  7. Then looking at the bed size, she should be joining soon.
  8. @Mrs.Kitty, I wanted to thank you for bringing such great participants. I really like your choice of participants. Hope your apartments grow more and more.
  9. This should be good !! We saw 4 people delivered a fantastic genuine performance. Two of them are here. Looking at the size of the bed, I really hope the other two join soon ....
  10. Is Zahia the other girl stayed with Marley in Lisa place?
  11. Based on what I saw the night that they had the party and two guys slept over, I can tell obi, & nadia have great potentials. Unfortunately it was all about that night. Not sure why they did not continue the path.
  12. I am curios to know what happened to RLC. Where can I read more about their situation?
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