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  1. If that is the case, then I hope she goes toward the path that Anastasia went. If Jakar fucks around, she should be allowed to.
  2. Whoever the manager is, these 3 girls should get their own apartment. The 3 of them are great participants. BTW, the new girl arrived with the guy. Awkward !!
  3. I think she is totally annoyed by these guys.
  4. I don't think they are in a relationship. To me they are more of a business partners. She is far above him anyway. She can do much better than him.
  5. Wow, you never know if an action is about to happen in this place. The apartment introduces some of the best women in VHTV, but this Jakar guy ruins most of the scenes. He is a total waste. I wish they replace him with a more level headed male participant.
  6. You mean this one? Do you think she was jealous?
  7. The sex with this girl was really nice. I am surprised why nobody noticed.
  8. Is this firs time Ilka goes topless with Hugo around?
  9. Yes, for places like Edmonton, you need a ski face shield.
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