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  1. zoifan

    Juliet & Pablo

    For a few minute, I though I am loosing it when I was clicking on the apartments and saw different familiar place. How come they didn't do any announcement?
  2. zoifan

    Monica & Dan

    Isn't this guy the one we saw in the previous Monica & Dan place all the time?
  3. zoifan

    Ruby Part #2

    Dear @Rubi , I have a question and please feel free not to answer if it is too personal. I remember at the beginning I felt that you and Calvin tried to avoid having sex with each other. I seemed that you really didn't want to have sex with him. I wonder why?
  4. zoifan

    Polly & Ray Part #2

    I hope we see sexy Reese more often, otherwise might forget her name 🙂
  5. zoifan

    Em & Sia

    I think they are going to a smaller place and with better camera setup. Hopefully we see better close up shots to Sia's action.
  6. zoifan

    Polly & Ray Part #2

    I really like this girl. Do we have a name for her?
  7. zoifan

    Molly & Jeff

    Yep, this was the best close up video I seen from Molly ass as during sex. So hot. Enjoy.
  8. zoifan

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Based on what I saw in past, Allan has sort of mood swing disorder. He can back on tracks in a month. ... or he might be in love with Edda ... just kidding 🙂
  9. zoifan

    Molly & Jeff

    What I said can be interpreted in a good way or bad way. The bottom line is that if you are in love with a young woman, you need to consider what I said. The problem is that younger women usually deal with younger men who. There are similar consideration with younger men as well. For example, they usually look for sex intensively until they realize sex and love are not necessarily the same until ~age 35.
  10. zoifan

    Zack & Blonde

    Haven't seen the girl. No wild behavior so far.
  11. zoifan

    Molly & Jeff

    Sorry, no following, but look for Coach as a verb in dictionary. It should be the same in UK English. You can think of it as "mentor" If that is ok, I tend to type fast and not to proofread when I post to porn forums.
  12. zoifan

    Patrik & Clair

    You mean Whitney. She is very open and she is not shy. She has potentials and I really like her ass. Not sure why they don't put he in a good use.
  13. zoifan

    Molly & Jeff

    I should have said "fighting or separation". I hope Jeff does not choose separation. Once again, IMO, Molly is young and she is the type of person the can be easily coached and learn. She is not sophisticated and she is not tricky. Easy to handle.
  14. zoifan

    Molly & Jeff

    >> This is incredibly toxic and immature. No following the reason behind the choice of such strong word for such minor topic >> feed into her bullshit. You can phrase it in so many ways. But I do not see "her bullshit" is a constructive mindset and it leads to fight and separation. >> Spoiling her for acting irrational only enables her to continue to act irrational. I disagree. I think fighting is not way to go. I learned that the approach I suggest is the preferred buy individuals that I always praise for their superior people skill. >> Molly is not someone that should be in any sort of relationship until she grows the fuck up. Well, interestingly, I found the opposite. I noticed Molly is young and she is the type of person the can be easily coached and learn. She is not sophisticated and she is not tricky. Easy to handle. Just my opinion though.
  15. zoifan

    Molly & Jeff

    I learn (inferred) the demographic of VH subscribers bu observing the type of apartments survive in VH or the apartments that do very well. Gay apartments did not survive. Most of swinging apartments do survive they seem to be doing well. Lesbian apartments seem to have many fans Gorgeous monogamous couples are welcome for first the 4 month. Then suffer for another 4 month until they leave Many more .... Similar to above observation, I found smart participants learned BDSM does not provide statistics. Hence they stopped. That is my way of reading through the subscribers.