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  1. Well, it usually leads to lots of work....
  2. I wish I could re-program my brain, so I enjoy watching lesbian love. Two lovely women kissing each-other is a beautiful thing. My stubborn brain doesn't understand that. Oh well.
  3. Thank you @buddafor the nice caps. Nice work my friend.
  4. I think we are being distracted buy SpyGem matter, and I am not suggesting VH boil the ocean. No. Consider Ary's cam quality. If Ary is using something different, I can bring another example, so we compare apple with apple. My laser point is that the solution to cam problems (specially cam problem in this place) is relatively simple. At the same time the benefits and impacts are huge.
  5. Yes, and VH needs to realize that they are in the business of recording and broadcasting. When a few simple tweaks make a huge difference in the final product, it should be considered.
  6. Perfect, no blur: Blur: Blur: I hope the difference is clear. I am not contrasting how good the participants are doing, I am contrasting the picture quality. We know it won't happen, but lets say VH and invest a fortune on upgrading to 1080p, and double the cost of bandwidth requirement. Massive operation expense cost increase. Alternatively, VH can provide a 5 page PDF guide to all tenants and explain how to have a proper camera setup. A simple two column "do" and "don't" example guide. A bad camera setup is like a hidden disease that consumes the participant's work quality and could lead to their failure and departure. The heart breaking part is that it is easy to fix and nobody pay attention to it.
  7. I missed that what happened? What was the message?
  8. This is a good example of the quality that lighting can provide.
  9. That might be a tall order. As a much easier alternative, a few high illuminate and high efficient LED bulbs might help.
  10. It might be just me, but that blur ish camera is a problem. This room does not have a windows to outside so it always starve for light. I could be spoiled by the quality of other apartments that benefit from natural light during the day.
  11. If they could improve the cam setup and lighting, this place would be a blast.
  12. She didn't even put on relaxing home pajama. Indicates that it was just a quick visit. Not even sure if she has her personal stuff in this place or she just uses Stesha's
  13. Is the guy with the "Dream" hoodie same as the one visiting today? PS. I am glad you posted this image, so we can track if they are visiting again.
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