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  1. Nope, I don't think this is the right thing to say. We should not label him, because he does not want share his girlfriend. That is his choice, and I totally respect that.
  2. I think Lisa is ready for swinging action, however, I don't think Grant is ready for it. I know he is a sensitive guy, and he might snap if Lisa puts more pressure on him.
  3. They are all fully nude. This is the first time for these four. Right?
  4. Hmmm, well the 1st night Lisa fucked Luiz, I was blown away by how wild Lisa can get. However, Grant is totally a different story here. That is why I am not sure how to bet here.
  5. I think it all depends on Grant. If Lexy manage to fuck Grant, I expect Lisa will be okay to swinging too. So lets see if Lexy can do her magic here. I admit it is a hard task.
  6. zoifan

    Nina & Alan

    I would agree if this was a normal relationship. But their line of work is different. The Edda and Joe used to be sex worker. By sex worker I am referring and including to the times when Serena gave Joe blow job. Relationships in VH are different. That is why I won't be surprised if Joe easily let that go.
  7. zoifan

    Polly & Ray Part #2

    I don't like Ray, specially after he slapped Valery so badly. However, I don't see Ray would give up this gig so easy.
  8. zoifan


    Ruby is not sexually inhibited, but to me she does not look very experienced. It seems that she is exploring and that is what makes this place more exciting.
  9. zoifan

    Nina & Alan

    People don't keep the wedding ring by mistake. She wears it for a reason. We need to wait and see. To be honest, I love to see you guys are correct 🙂 Imagine if Edda joins the project alone, like Serena replacement. Wow.
  10. zoifan

    Zoi & Tim Part #2

    Tim fucking Zoi would not count. I think there was only lez sex between Linda and Sister.
  11. zoifan

    Zoi & Tim Part #2

    Such fine women ... all ruined by Tim's performance 😞 I wish we knew if any of the girls will join?
  12. zoifan


    Similar to little red "Allgirl" label added to lez apartments, I suggest the label "celibate" be added to Ruby's apartment name, to make it clear what is happening here.
  13. zoifan

    Nina & Alan

    Mind that she had her ring on while fucking Allan. That is an important detail. Either way, I hope we see Edda more often.
  14. zoifan

    Nina & Alan

    I might be wrong. I think Edda likes to do this as a part time work. Do you think Edda fucked the shit out of Allan (and blowed our mind ) just for pleasure?
  15. zoifan

    Nina & Alan

    I think there is a big difference between Serena and Edda case. Serena was not attached, and she casually and happily fucked bunch of people. Edda, however, is attached to Joe. She fucks professionally for business. Last time she fucked Allan so passionately and she enjoyed it, but the main motivation was business. I hope we see Edda more often. When Edda visit arranged, it should be advertise in Twitter a few days before, and I guarantee there will be so many viewers that the VHTV site will not be able handle the load.