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  1. Em & Sid

    Joining Russian military service would be the best constructive thing can happen to him.
  2. Cleo & Axel

    How did that happened?
  3. Foxy, Kira

    I hope Edda can join the team next time.
  4. Foxy, Kira

    Who doesn't It should happen in time.
  5. Ray & Polly

    I admire Serena, Misty or Anna who can hunt quite attractive guys, use them for a few nights, then dump them. In contrast, It seems that Polly is a looser magnet.
  6. Ray & Polly

    Why is this remind me the frustration we had with Lisa?
  7. Ray & Polly

    The pattern do not look like a sex-for-money scenario. In sex-for-money scenarios, it is a really big deal if a girl do not deliver "service" to a customer. Moreover, girls must make sure the customers leave the place happily. Totally different here, since most of the Polly visitors leave place very disappointed, humiliated or very upset. Se for yourself what happens to this guy.
  8. Ray & Polly

    A new guy arrived. By just looking at him, he will probably get a painful blue ball. I fell bad for him already.
  9. Ray & Polly

    Fuck.... be prepared for flood of negative posts...
  10. Ray & Polly

    Cam 1: Ray is kissing the new girl in the hallway.
  11. Ray & Polly

    Ray just arrived. Enjoy the nice 3some folks :)
  12. Ray & Polly

    Lesbian action in LR. Where is Ray when we need him?
  13. Ray & Polly

    I like to know the address
  14. Ray & Polly

    Yes, and she gets a romantic treatment, not ropes and lashes
  15. Ray & Polly

    ' It looks like she is wearing pad.