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  1. I thought Em is joining this Apartment today. Am I right?
  2. I am amazed how VHTV doesn't get the importance of the cam setup. Whole franchise and managers do sloppy job on cameras compare to competitors. When I see other Voyeur site screencaps, they always look crystal sharp and better. for a while, I thought they have better participants, but it is all about camera setup. VHTV has good participants , but the worst cam setup in the whole industry. Hope some day they understand this important fact.
  3. Zoi & Tim

    The rise and fall of Tim Mikhailov
  4. Linda & Leon

    Sooo funny :)
  5. Viki & Kate

    Bi sexual women are the best. Like our beloved Edda.
  6. Viki & Kate

    This is the link to CB recording search: https://rec-tube.com/search/bubblecoup/ As I mentioned. I mistake bubblecouple with bubblecoup
  7. Viki & Kate

    Oh, sorry guy, The BGG are from the CB account bubblecoupLE with the LE at the end. I mistake it with bubblecoup :( My bad, sorry for misleading
  8. Viki & Kate

    Going to PM you.
  9. Viki & Kate

    They have has boy-girl-girl cam shows. I hope that happens soon here too .
  10. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    Lisa and Chloe are getting pleasantly close. I hope soon we see they give each other helping hand and preferably tongue. They can take a look at Viki and Kate recordings for orientation and training : )
  11. Zoi & Tim

    I assume you are kidding. Nothing happens when Rachel is here. NOTHING !. Hopefully this saves someone's time, do something better than being manipulated by this apparent and keep watching this.
  12. Zoi & Tim

    Call me crazy, but I wouldn't be surprised if Alex place Rachel in the vacant apartment.
  13. Viki & Kate

    I wish I know mommy's CB account too !
  14. Viki & Kate

    Yummy !!!! Experienced moms are the best ; )