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  1. Let me point out 1 thing.. I think they behaved like a fake couple when they joined the orgy parties. I think nobody ( a man or a woman) would accept to share his partner with another person twice a week or sometimes 3 times.. This may happen on certain occasions and from time to time but not regularly ..
  2. The question sent to @moos54 as I lready know your opinion thank you
  3. can we sum up your statement that they are a fake couple .. ???? They are only performing ??????
  4. You already killed the moment sir.. Seems you hate them or maybe you envy them ..
  5. SOMHO2000

    Pussy Chain

  6. You may download a video b4 it got erased sir...
  7. Brilliant. She must have had a lot of money for that .. Lucky girl.. She kept this 'piece of meat' until she could finally sell it for a reasonable price...
  8. I am sorry?????.. Of course I meant the female ass buddy.. Our asses are terrible lol 😂
  9. for me - I am fond of backs.. my favorite place ever
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