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  1. what happend with the guest ? looks like a heart attack. RLC has closed all cams now
  2. great works ! a big thank to all posters !
  3. ndm

    invite code ?

    Thank you all ! :)
  4. ndm

    invite code ?

    As of the 23rd of August 2014 the site is no longer accessible to the general public without a prior invitation from an existing member. At the top right you find an 'invite' link. If you wish to give someone access to the site then please click the Invite link and follow the instructions.
  5. ndm

    invite code ?

    Hi folks. Is there a good camerades member, who haves a invite code for me ? tnx a lot ! greetz from switzerland
  6. dolphin browser supports flash. android < ver 4.3, install flash for mobile device direct from adobe. works fine. android 4.4 and higher, search for the patched xda-flash version. works not stable and sound stream is like mickey mouse. don't forget to activate flash manually in dolphin, after the installation. somewhere in the settings menu... greez
  7. cam 5 or 6... i think, they were ready ;D on (free)cam 3, only the heads are visible... :-[ only a bit kissing... sorry for this alert :'(
  8. Maybe redlight district ? i think, one of the camera connectors is broken. Green is missing...
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