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  1. I miss this apartment. Does anyone know when they'll come back?
  2. parasite wakes up and plays on the phone while the girl is willing👿
  3. You're right, I'm crazy about these parasites
  4. my dear country Turkey
  5. I translate google words are understood differently.
  6. Are you not watching, you are asking. boy can't fuck daughter😡
  7. lies next to you so much you kiss it😡
  8. Mary Herman, sina, area, rent, hector, mira, ary, christian clara. I think these houses are not very high, but the people in the house used to have more parties and were full of younger and nicer guests. Example clara house came again cold and stagnant than I think unnecessary. I am not a new member of the site since the first set up. These are my personal opinions.
  9. the quality of the site is decreasing. The new houses are very messed up.
  10. Friends from my observations to two night stands and a bit close hand Katie Peter is in contact. in the future, this House is a lot for me.
  11. guests go to the bathroom two-sided girls and children would like to work
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