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  1. thats fucked up man hes got a great girl and plays video games instead of taking care of her. I wonder if the cams are part of the reason for this or something else.
  2. agreed Angel kept them alive
  3. yall remember that Cornelius dude who has multiple girls on the side that place was top place
  4. so honestly idk why they stay if they don't want to do things to get viewers. not be fake but have parties and stuff or guest like d&w
  5. Shes deff not shy she did stuff with a girl and dollys and had sex mutiple times at kens old place
  6. gahh angel needs her own place shes a babe
  7. i think they could work better living together now. Since they had to live in the living room before and had no privacy
  8. place is a waste another candy and red but solo
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