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  1. well imo shes one of the better looking guest to show up lately. hopefully she will lose that name.
  2. i think the guest couple that just left should get a place shes pretty cute
  3. you shoulda seen him in the old place he would shut the lights out and sneak around to see who was there like he was being watched... he doesn't like living alone is my guess
  4. it was right before they left so check the furthest back you can in the living room should still be there
  5. yes idk what time but sunday night u might be able to find it on the timeline
  6. my guess is hope and yan will get there own place otto and lola looked like they were breaking up when they left idk maybe im wrong but thats what it looked like to me
  7. looks like trouble in paradise my guess is hope and yan get there own place
  8. Кен, тебе стоит пригласить ангела на вечеринки @Ken_696
  9. i think karen should be named sammy bc they look so much alike
  10. looks like Stephanie and mason might be leaving hopefully new tenants soon
  11. Y’all remember when this place first opened and everyone was complaining saying they wouldn’t make it a few months😂😂
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