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  1. Got banned over a year ago every time I log in it says account banned and I took down the pictures I posted right away... 😞
  2. Have a hard time watching this apartment sometimes, they give sex out too freely. Love seeing Sasha fuck the two girls, but don't enjoy seeing them give themselves to the other guys.
  3. Beautiful girls, but only when their hair is normal... they have dreads their beauty goes down about 3 points for me, its that bad in my mind. Hate it!
  4. Feel like these girls are trying to build a Harem for this guy lol
  5. Them together is like a total fantasy for me omg I get chills... lol
  6. Gnaryanus

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Needs to take the sox off next time though no fun if I don't see feet
  7. Have Megan and Belle been in the apartment at the same time?
  8. How this guy isn't fucking these 2 girls every couple hours is beyond me... they wouldn't be able to walk I'd be fucking them so much.
  9. Oh god I never get tired of her... I'd fuck her every single day more than once ... and as far as what she reads and smiles at, sometimes I wonder if the girls come on here and read our comments.
  10. Good Lord baby girl you still know how to drive me crazy after all these years {sighs}
  11. Someone catching this on video in the bedroom
  12. can someone tell this woman on the phone to shut the hell up
  13. Thats rediculous everyone posts pics here I post my first pics and get banned?