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  1. This girl do anything without him in the room?
  2. Yea... I have a penis, I don't need to look at other peoples penises thanks, I'd love it if this site were just only girls. Hairy asses don't do it for me either.
  3. Now this knucklehead is dancing because shes dancing... he wouldn't be if he didn't think she was into this song lol... can see right through the bullshit... horrible choice in music BTW
  4. Feel like I am watching a really badly acted porn right now... if she doesn't know they all wanna bang her right now I don't know what to say.
  5. They ever mention why they look out to their left all the time toward the porch? Are there neighbors they give a show for that live across the way?
  6. {sighs} Irma... how is it you make putting together a salad look so good lol!!!
  7. All I see is a lot of hairy ass... What fun is that?
  8. I am not sure how you pretend to be innocent looking, that's just her face... lol Anyway we can agree to disagree... Moving onto another queen in my opinion in a different manner and think its a well deserved title, because she is always surrounded by so many other girls, and the ability to shine over all of them is pretty amazing on her part is Irma... Now she truly is the queen IMO of those apartments.
  9. Eh you probably misunderstand why we call her that then, it's not so much of what she does, its the fact she is pretty much one of the originals... I think her and Maya are the only 2 left, and she is just genuinely gorgeous, she has an innocence about her... Other than that its really just her senior ranking in terms of longevity that makes her the queen. I do remember her from the other apartment, I used to hate that half wall that was the hallway, there was no camera in the hallway and she would change right in that spot so we couldn't see her. I think I caught her masturbating once in that apartment about a month or so before they moved to this one, so she has come along way, I don't think they would have done anything to her if she hadn't started bating I think she is just a fan favorite period.
  10. Got banned over a year ago every time I log in it says account banned and I took down the pictures I posted right away... 😞
  11. Have a hard time watching this apartment sometimes, they give sex out too freely. Love seeing Sasha fuck the two girls, but don't enjoy seeing them give themselves to the other guys.
  12. Beautiful girls, but only when their hair is normal... they have dreads their beauty goes down about 3 points for me, its that bad in my mind. Hate it!
  13. Feel like these girls are trying to build a Harem for this guy lol
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