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  1. I figured they would be back, seems like they are always here when Gina is around. Thought they would get the big bed a B1. At b2 I won't get to see them or Gina because Gina will spend a lot of time with the twins.
  2. Finally, a good comeback,, the best entertainment we've had on here for quite a while. Thanks Naga !!
  3. Amanda showing off her boobs in front of Frank this morning, he is trying to avoid looking at them.
  4. I would take it the girls feel it's safe to come back to B3 now Kenny is gone.....
  5. RLC needs to send him home, I liked the way Anita handled him.
  6. Kenny would mess up a 2 car funeral, I like to buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth. Now he is blocking the cam.
  7. I just think they ought to send Erma to B3 for one night with a lot of wine and get this party going..
  8. Thanks Red Girl ! I found it is easy to watch more videos, even other couples, just change the number at the end.
  9. Remember watching the video of that night Harley, it wasn't scripted as you said. I was never that attracted to Anna until that night. I don't even read the forums anymore, hell can't even find a forum on Chloe's listing on CC. Only know the name of one of the B4 girls, and of course, it's Megan. Have a good one Harley !!
  10. Harley, it says someone posted in the videos, and when I go to look there it's usually two pages of requests to re-upload or chatting. Since they changed the "chat" post everyone is chatting on the video and picture posts.
  11. Yeah, it was on a picture or video page. I don't spend much time on here at all anymore. It has all changed Harley, so I very seldom read the comments, don't know where to find them. Doing good, hope you are as well !!
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