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  1. Nina & Alan & Serena

    i kinda lost hope so ill be around when something good actually does happen
  2. Nina & Alan & Serena

    well it does look like it i kinda respect him in some way cause nina is not there and he feels like that
  3. Nina & Alan & Serena

    serena is getting lot more comfortable with alan
  4. Margaret & Tony

    GOSH this couple is the best :D
  5. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    yea he needs to treat her better not like slave .....
  6. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    what i am thinking is rock does not like misty close to his girl cause he knows that she has fucked plenty of guys thats whats my thought
  7. she is bating in the bedroom >.< fuck i wish i could see
  8. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    Well my theory is cause he knows that mosty has slept with plenty of guys and you can understand the rest
  9. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    I take back what i said about him wtf ...... He is Asshole -_- Rejecting her like that ... true colors are Coming out
  10. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    anyway i had enough of VH for today to much shit has happened
  11. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    i understand what you mean but whats going on in his relationship with her has nothing to do with them like i said this not reality show.... we are viewers not directors or what not ill still stick to what i said rock did not know if he did why would he call her out and have talk with her anyway
  12. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    is funny how some people in here dont understand trust anymore or what is present .... -.- people getting pissed and calling rock asshole cause they got cock blocked? XD i mean wtf is going on with this world they are real people and real relationships not tv show....
  13. Anastasia & Rock, Adam, Jack

    it does not matter if its girl or guy dude dont u not get the point -.- what she needs to talk to rock first if she is gonna have fun with misty