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  1. When Giselle arrived the other day I noticed she had rings on her fingers which she must have taken them off while she was there. So I am asking do you think she is married.
  2. I asked VHTV about the Buffering. This one of the e-mails I sent Hi I am only watching one tab at a time at the same time. I do not use VPN. As I have said, it is OK watching a live stream with no trouble at all. It only starts to Buffer when I try to see anything in the timeline, and all the tabs are doing the same and it is happening at all times in the past 24hrs. It started over night. Everything was working fine yesterday when I went to bed at about 2300hrs CET. I put the computer back on at about 0600hrs CET this morning, when I tried to see what happened over
  3. can you pick up the voyeur house feed yet

  4. Hi Again I am have trouble logging into any feed I am using Internet Explorer on Windows 10
  5. I can't get it to work after your update. I am using Window 10. Internet Explorer, and it has always worked before
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