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  1. If there were any, I'd be watching them not chatting. Is it just my perception, or has there been a general slow-down of new material across most apartments?
  2. Mark, so weird but I have a 3hr 10min recording of that EXACT scene in HD! But it's such a huge file you'd have to come over to Oz with your laptop to download it, and we can't now because of travel restrictions - so I guess we just have to imagine what could have been 😉
  3. To be honest I do share the frustration, I'm just trying to be more grown up about it.
  4. Guest girl walks into tattoo parlor. Tattoo artist: 'What would you like?' Guest girl: 'pick anything randomly, I don't care' Tattoo artist: 'where would you like it?' Guest girl: 'pick any body area randomly, I don't care' Tattoo artist: 'but it might end up looking terrible' Guest girl: 'I think we've already established I don'r care'
  5. Completely agree. I've posted before I think she masturbates for the camera (because she knows how this works), but not because of the camera
  6. Meanwhile in Perth Australia last week (temp in Celsius)
  7. Holy sweet shiny sequins, I know who I'd pick out of this lineup
  8. I think this may be correct - there's a comfortable interaction between them like people who know each from before, but no sex/nudity etc.
  9. I had some difficulty watching that and staying calm, I don't know how you can be within touching distance and not be interested.
  10. On behalf of myself (and I presume anybody else who doesn't have a subscription for whatever reason), if anybody has a pic of Nelly and her new boobs they can post or pm, I would be eternally grateful.
  11. Maybe RLC ran out of money and can't pay the electricity bill
  12. My 2c worth - like a few other folk not comfortable with this version of Leora compared to before. For me the difference is that before she would bate for the cams (because she's a smart girl who knows where the money comes from), but not because of them (I believe she has a masturbation habit and really enjoys to masturbate). There was no need in old apartment to masturbate every day, or even more than once a day - a few times a week would have been enough to keep fans happy - maybe even better to hold the suspense a bit longer between sessions. So I believe she masturbated when she did because she wanted to, not because she had to. In the new apartment for me it is the opposite way around - not much else to do, no real life, just a 'show pony doing tricks'.
  13. I don't think she has a problem for him to fuck other girls. But what Masha is doing is more than that - it's cuddling on the couch, showing affection - in other words emotional interaction. Not sure whether Jane will be as comfortable with that.
  14. I'm thinking that the last time there was a couple in the apartment along with a horny single girl, the single girl ended up with the guy. Wonder whether Masha is hoping the same thing happens again?
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