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  1. so Its official .. names were updated and Artur and Carol will be alone in the apartment now, they will have more time to have sex and time to do what they want...thast awesome :)
  2. can u understand their language?? we want to know what theyre saying so this thread is looking for a translator
  3. I know. i really dont care tho.. All i know is that shes cockblocking and ruining everything lol
  4. why the hell is Sandras mother there?? theres no space for here, someone tell her to get lost.. shes cockblocking and ruining everything.. lol
  5. I love Artur cute ass and I love this girl hot tits :D
  6. Yeah i saw Artur talking to her in the kitchen!!, now the good artur is getting ready to go to bed :)
  7. That blonde girl has nice tits.. damn..
  8. I agree , he was really horny and passionate, i bet he would be able to go for more and more rounds, it was hot :)
  9. Really? i bet hes still horny and he can go for more rounds, thast hot :)
  10. Artur is really horny right now, thast hot
  11. Artur is so passionate and hot.. damnn !!
  12. Yes man that would be great news, please let Artur to stay, hes a hot cute guy and got a lot of fans here.. we would really apprecciate if you guys reconsider that decisition and let Artur to stay :)
  13. nooo pls let them to stay :( .. I love this apartment, And I love artur, hes my favorite guy in the whole voyeurhouse , artur is the best :(
  14. This apartment is going to be off tomorrow?? why? what doest it mean? ://
  15. I really really love this apartment, its actually the only apartment im watching these days..
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