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  1. For the record, he is in front of the computer 'cause he is working and not playing or fooling around. And it was she who urged him to finish her job. Also the other day he had stomach pains. If someone doesn't like this kind of life, because obsessed with sex only, they may very well look at porn or other apartments. I highly recommend to moderate words and insult partecipants less. Thank you. I think to give space to every kind of couple on VH, even if they stay all day doing nothing. But concluding, they don't do nothing. They do sex every day. PS. They love each other.
  2. Jessi & Mars – Hall camera Voyeur House TV (cam110) VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch Hall camera in private voyeur show of Jessi & Mars at Voyeur House TV Ok, mystery solved. He locked the door but he fell asleep and she can't enter in the apt and she worried about him and started to cry. Watch the timeline.
  3. Maybe I understand... He is not well with his stomach
  4. What's going on with her? She's crying all day but nothing happened
  5. Jessi & Mars – Bedroom camera Voyeur House TV (cam18) VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV Watch Bedroom camera in private voyeur show of Jessi & Mars at Voyeur House TV Last night he had a jump while he was sleeping more than once, and she got scared, so that he decided to sleep in the living room in order not to scare her. 😔
  6. This realm is like the name... SADie....
  7. Anyone can explain me the functionality of this realm?
  8. Relocation... what bad luck... They could follow the spirit of Jambo, Elaine and company offline.
  9. Talmente interessante che manco me ne ero accorto.
  10. How sad. Anita will be the next.
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