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  1. Maria & Mari

    No respect for us. Kick out everyone!!! Maria too. Unbelievable
  2. Hot moments lost with their friend for this boring house... unbelievable...
  3. Rita & Bob

    Seriously? A different couple every 7 days in this house? No comment
  4. An entire big super villa where binoculars are needed to watch and nothing happens but only show cams... Mah
  5. Cute male gay couple ❤️ I hope they will stay there tonight
  6. Grace & Jacob

    Jeka’s house = fail it’s not a news
  7. This new apartment is boring, small and unwatchable... I preferred the old house, where Isaac and Ella had the guests with them...
  8. Bring back the gay guest's male friend...
  9. Sometimes some tenants should stop to wasting time to VH or managers...
  10. Every apt where tenants spend most of the time in front of the computer doing nothing deserve to be closed.
  11. And give them an apartment!!!
  12. Thank God a male gay couple! Alleluia!
  13. Finally they’re out
  14. I don’t understand the choice to have again Lexi and Pete here...
  15. Lisa & Grant

    What happened to Grant?