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  1. Chad & Todd

    I was too much stupid to demand a new credit card after unauthorized transactions in the old card... For a long time I will never spend again a cent for this project... Promises never kept. False news. And honestly there was never a real interesting for gays. Only wrong decisions, like creating a second twitter account to hide gay people from the others. Now 1 only apt alone in 1 twitter account. I feel embarrassed .. Really... I'm tired to spend time here in this forum to waste time and being attacked... I leave. This time I'm serious. Good luck for everything. Bye
  2. Ella & Isaac

    Uhm... who is that guy?? George? :O
  3. I watch this apartment only for Stephan... These girls with those incessant cam shows are too much boring for me...
  4. Finally an apartment only for them without anyone. Rock seems more relaxed in this new house.
  5. Chad & Todd

    An experiment with only 1 gay apartment would never bring new users...
  6. Betty & Rick

    The best apartment... No drunks, always action and guests...
  7. Viki & Kate

  8. Chad & Todd

    Other gay apartments please!!!!!
  9. Chad & Todd

    @Voyeur House TV Is it possibile to have other gay apartments in a near future please?
  10. Ella & Isaac

    yes I like him
  11. Is it possible to have another gay apartment please? @Voyeur House TV thanks
  12. Ella & Isaac

    You're hot Isaac
  13. You're cute and hot Stephan
  14. Freddy

    Bring back Freddy!!! Please!!!!!!!