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  1. BenCoudon

    Kate & Andrew

    Is it the agreement they have between those 2? He gets all the pleasure and she gets almost none? I checked the archive for the last week or so and 80% of the sex scenes she gives him a BJ and she gets nothing. If they keep going that way, not sure they will last long. Most of times (except in the shower), she is not even naked. And he makes sure she takes it all. This is a perfect example of stuff that subscribers get quickly bored with.
  2. You have the right to be bias 🙂 All what I am saying is with almost 40 apartments, there are room for diversity. I agree with you that VH is there to please the majority. But I see a big gap between the majority of stuff that is most popular and adding none of the other stuff (it used to be more balanced). I wonder how many are really interested to watch a topless woman speaking on the phone or doing her hair when there are thousands of other videos showing hot sex. I love to watch hot sex scenes, especially when the woman reaches screaming orgasm. I also enjoy orgy and group sex. I will make an analogy with music. You don't have to hate classical music to enjoy jazz and hard rock.
  3. If I want to only watch sex scenes, I can go to the archives. But it becomes obvious that the staff selecting which video makes it to the archive have their own preferences and many scenes are NOT making it to archives. As soon as a woman bates or use a vibrator, they tweet it and in no times, it is in the archives. Even just a topless woman speaking on the phone goes to archive. We all know that here on CC, there are women, bisexual and gay/ lesbian subscribers. But it is obvious that VH staff doesn't care about them. Just a recent example. Last week, Alan was home alone for 4 or 5 days. I am told that he jurked off 2 or 3 times a day, each day for 4 days. Not a single one of those scenes made it to archive. At one time, VH had 2 gay apartments. They closed them because, as per VH, there was not enough viewers watching them. Funny that the same rule did not apply to girls only apartment. Several of them last for several months despite the fact that nothing worth mentioning happened there. So for VH, if it has neither tits nor pussy, it is not important. 90% of the women showers (with no sex) made it to archives. 1% of the male showers are there. A while ago, we have seen bisexual tree and foursome (Otto, Henry). Then nothing. Of course Henry will deny it but I would not be surprised that participants that wants to have such type of sex were told by VH to do it off camera. True that it doesn't interest all subscribers. But fake sex on the cam shows don't either. I guess variety and diversity are not concepts accepted in VH office in Russia.
  4. You are missing the point. In order to know if I like an apartment, I have to check out all of them. And it is like a revolving door, new ones come in, others are out (and sometimes even before I have time to see if I like them or not. In the early days, with fewer apartments, we had time to enjoy real life of the participants. Now, I barely know the name of many tenants. I like to believe that I am similar to many subscribers: I don't watch the site 10 hours per day. While I go see the new apartments, that reduces the time I have to check my favorites.
  5. Once upon a time, not that long ago, subscribers to voyeur sites were able to follow the life of the most participants. We watched and provided comments on their life, behaviour, and episodes in their life. But now, with this crazy non-sense race to always add more and more apartments and participants, this is gone. Unless you have time (and the desire) to watch Vh more than 6 hours per day, no way we can watch them all. Some came and left and I didn't even noticed. Interest is gone. A new apartment opens, we look at the tenants, watch their initial fucking session (if any) and move tho the next one. We may never have the time to go back to that apartment as it will probably be gone before we have time to look at all other apartments. So I guess by this time next year, VH will be up to 75 apartments put RLC and VV out of business and claim victory. Not sure I will be there to celebrate
  6. BenCoudon

    Juliet & Pablo

    like many other apartments, we cannot expect action 7/24 True that several guests came to this apartment only to chat, drink and play video games. But they already have 3 pages of video in the archives. We saw several hot babes naked, fucking or take a shower, we have seen wild sex in the kitchen, on the couch and in the bedroom. The apartment opened July 25. So not bad for the first 3 weeks. It has been quiet for the last day or so but we got much more than several other apartments. So I'm not complaining if it is quiet once in a while.
  7. BenCoudon

    Jesse & Blaine

    All those ugly tatoos all over their bodies is a huge turn down for me 👎👎👎👎 They may be sex animals with all the screaming that may come with it, no interest Sorry
  8. BenCoudon

    Whitney, Cleo & Axel

    I find it funny. Reminds me when Sid left the project but was always there with Em. Ben left the project but he is there almost every night and keep fucking Whitney I guess his buddies that were there the last few days before he quit cannot offer him a bed to sleep. But it is obvious that the passion they have shown during the first month is no longer there.
  9. BenCoudon

    Em & Sia

    Kidding aside, check the time line. At 05h01 am, Bob and Em left the apartment And Bob is NOT in the bed
  10. BenCoudon

    Em & Sia

    Oh yes!!! Let start some drama... Em is outside on a balcony (no cam there) and she is fucking the hairy guy She is cheating on Bob LOL
  11. BenCoudon

    Em & Sia

    We know that Bob is not shy to be part of multi-couple sex. But, when he did it, Em was Sid's girlfriend. He took care of Sia and went to Em only when Sid decided that he also want to fuck Sia. Now, if Bob is in love with Em, he may not want other guys to fuck Em. In that case, they will not get into multiple couple sex but I don't think they will stop Sia to get very naughty. No ones could stop Sia. Btw, Sia had a guy with her at Em's before Pete & Lex came back. That guy was a horny dude. He might show up too.
  12. BenCoudon

    Em & Sia

    Well you might be challenged on this one. We are only on day 2 of that apartment. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is that idea that makes me believe that Sid is not that far away. His ghost hangs over Em. Time will tell but I wouldn't bet my pay check that she kicked Sid out of her life, or may be the other way around, that Sid has not kicked Em out of his life and will show up from time to time to test his chances
  13. BenCoudon

    Lola & Otto Part #2

    My opinion is that she was trying to tell him something but he was not responding or reacting at all. I am only speculating but 1rst of the month so VH payments arrived and may be they did not get much Not much happened in that apartment over the last 2 months so I' sure the number of viewers have significantly decrease. At the begining they had guests, many 3somes, including gay and bisex activities. But nothing recently. I would not be surprised if that apartment signs-off in a near future
  14. BenCoudon

    Juliet & Pablo

    well, go back to archive and check most of the fucking scenes and they were using condoms
  15. BenCoudon

    Juliet & Pablo

    Looks like they are now intimate enough to forget about condoms