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  1. BenCoudon

    Gia & Anthony

    Not sure that there is lots of interest to see them coming back I lost total interest in that apartment in less than 1 week. No action, no guests, and no interest to watch people laying on the couch playing with her phone or doing work on a computer. True that she likes to masturbate but after watching her several time, interest is fading. The apartment is very nice but cams are too far. Bad set-up and bad casting. We were all anxious to have an apartment with English language. But her accent makes it very difficult to understand what she is saying and they don't talk much.
  2. BenCoudon

    Tula Apartment - Split 5

    As you know, I was a subscriber to VV for several years. But I left because despite many promises that new people would be on board, it was never happening. I still check VV every other months or so but years later, still the same situation. They keep saying that they have no success to bring new people. May be they should look at their business patern. VH is able to open a new apartment every week. True that many don't last long and several are just boring. But they seems to be able to recruit people. VV must be doing something wrong as no one wants to join. I feel sad about this because for a long time, VV was the best. May be they should hire former participants, such as Nick (but not Ivo) to be in charge of recruitment. They know how it works. Look at what Anna and Alex are now doing with VH. But it will take much more for me to return to VV
  3. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    I was teasing you. It's everyone choice. I've done lots of sports in my life and always been naked in the public shower after a game so it doesn't bother me at all And I don't think cameras would make a difference.
  4. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    Really? Come on sparkles, you been watching for quite some times, why would you be shy to be naked under the shower 😁😁😁
  5. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    You are right The didn't fuck much since about a week. the solo male guest stayed there way to long and was kind of a cock blocker. I don't know who he was but not a guy for this project. Never took a shower, slept fully dressed and the night Patrik and Clair came back totally drunk, he sat at the far end of the living room without saying a word, as if it was the first time he saw 2 drunk person coming home. I hope he won't be back the fact that they didn't fuck much might be the reason why Patrik was so horny and lost control of his hand....
  6. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    I doubt it Last night, both couple were on the couch, The guest couple were getting very horny. Guest couple not shy and had already started to remove clothes. Patrik started to open Clair bathrobe and get things going. But quickly Clair pushed him away and went to the kitchen. And the non-verbal on her face said it all. Not sure if those guests are related to her but Clair had no intention to get naked and have sex next to those guests. The guest guy got the cue and hauled his girl to the bedroom for sex. Clair was still mad cause she refused Patrik's offers (which she rarely does). I'm surprise by her behavior because she was not shy to fuck next to Ben when Jerar & Whitney were the tenants at that apartment. And I am also surprised that Patrik tried to do things with the girl guest. He had several opportunity before and never did that.
  7. BenCoudon

    Whitney & Ben

    Not sure what those voyeurs sites will look line in a year or two. One may remember with RLC, they had 4 apartments. When VV started, they had only 2 RLC start to increase the number of apartment to stay ahead of VV. Then VH, Camarad and may be others. In total, there is about 80 apartments competing for the same client base. We already saw lots of changes. From a basic couple apartment, it moved to 2 or 3 couples apartments, then we had all girls, gay and bisex participants. We saw no sex apartments (remember Gary, Dora and others?). Now we have Chaturbate apartments. What is next? I don't think that adding more and more apartment is the solution. There are apartments in VH that came and went and I never noticed them. Very few people would even have the time to have a peek in all of them every day. But it seems that "normal" couple, such as Grace and Jacob or Alice & Pavel are history.
  8. BenCoudon

    Whitney & Ben

    Simply look at Lexy & Pete They don't fuck 5 times a day, every day. Lexy, by far, doesn't have the perfect body that Whitney has. Peter doesn't have the monster cock that Ben has nor he doesn't have the athletic body that Ben has. But they attract more viewers. Simply because they are more natural. they have fun, they have friends, they laugh often. And, when they have sex, it is not scripted. They are pleasant to watch because you never know what will happen in the next minute. I like to watch a woman that has sex because she likes sex. Not a barbie that has limited interest in sex but does it just to have viewers.
  9. BenCoudon

    Whitney & Ben

    I totally agree with you
  10. BenCoudon

    Whitney & Ben

    I don't think ti is under-appreciated. We already saw it all. For Whitney, it is very obvious to me that the fucks with Ben only for the views. From day one, she's been on this project to earn money and to have a place to stay. She has a great body and she knows it. Watching her naked or having sex with Ben is like watching the same porn clip for the 55th time. After her fiasco with Jerar, she realized that the only way she can stay on this project is to have sex. Ben was available so here we go, Ben that is. For Ben, I think that too much is no better than not enough. We had Sid that never want sex and now we have Ben that does only that. At least, when he was a guest, he had a social life with others. Now he has none. He had few guys that showed up and they played board game. Other than that, we never see him elsewhere. Other than fucking Whitney (and others) 4 or 5 times a day, he seems to have no other interest. So fewer and fewer members are watching them as we know exactly what will happen and how it will happen.
  11. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    Remember that first night on the couch when Whitney and Jerar were the tenants He was there with Clair and slept on the couch with Ben and Beca. Ben tried to turn that into a 4some (at least he wanted to fuck Clair) but Patrik pushed him away. Patrik is not a shy guy and doesn't mind fucking in front of others. But for we have seen thus far, he is not fucking other women and doesn't allow other guys to fuck Clair And I doubt that will change anytime soon. Unless................ (I have been wrong before on such topics)
  12. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    Forget about that guys, Patrik will NOT fuck her. He had several opportunities to fuck other women but always remain faithful to Clair
  13. BenCoudon

    Gia & Anthony

    The picture is them. Problem is that the picture was taken over 10 years ago
  14. BenCoudon

    Gia & Anthony

    Condos are not always in a tower. Lots of attached townhouses are also set-up in a condo structure. But not really important But it is a nice apartment. I'm sure it is not located in the "little habana"
  15. BenCoudon

    Gia & Anthony

    I just went through the timeline for the first 12 hours of this apartment. 2 comments: 1. The pictures shown on Twitter cannot be recent. They are at least 10 years older than on those pictures. 2. I see lots of similarities between them and Ary & George. Similar bodies and she spends most of her time on the couch staring at her phone. Time will tell if they will have guests that are as wild as A&G's