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  1. Hellow guys First I admit that I didn't read all 17 pages of comments on this topic. Maybe someone already said or answered my comment. To me, there is a huge disconnect between the official version of VH and what was written in several article published in Ukraine. VH is talking about "protection racket" Morning 14/02/2019 we received unexpected information that one of the apartments in one given country was visited by several persons who introduced themselves as law enforcement employees. With no legal reasoning or any charges, one of our Studio’s contractors (not participant) was detained by these persons. These persons told him that they know all the information about other apartments in the city, which are connected to VHTV streaming platform, and, basically, offered their protection services to make sure these apartments stay there without any problems like the today’s “visit” and still illegal detention of a person. Having experience with working on market of Russian Federation and CIS countries, including Ukraine, we know the practice like that, which we identify as “Protection Racket”, by misfortune, quite popular thing the gangs and uncontrolled law enforcement do in these countries. We at Voyeur House TV do not accept things like that. We do not consider bribing unscrupulous law enforcement employees just to feed them and let them frighten people, who prefer to work with us. Most of the articles referenced in this topic are talking about criminal investigation for porn-related activities. May be the police officers that performed the arrest of the studio guy did offer to close the file in return of money but the bottom line is not what VH published. There are criminal proceedings under way. In my book, there is a HUGE difference. Or may be I am missing a big part of the story?
  2. BenCoudon

    Grace & Jacob (2019) Part #1

    I don't see this apartment in the list anymore Is it gone?
  3. BenCoudon

    Lisa & Grant (2019) Part #1

    Thanks guys for this nice time of humor. Remind me the old days of CC when there was nothing happening on VV or RLC
  4. Alan & Evy- Alan solo fun https://voyeur-house.tv/realm22/cam14?timestamp=1539838334
  5. https://voyeur-house.tv/realm5/cam17?timestamp=1539027875 Bob jurking with EM watching
  6. Ok do me a favor please Tell me everything you find interesting about Rocky. Don't be shy. Spit it all out 😁🤣🤣👼
  7. Well this room had an interesting start. A big orgy on day one. What happened since that? Veronika seems to leave every morning (going to work?) Lucius spending 12 hours a day in bed watching movies and or video games. Every other day or so he jurks off in bed watching porn Every other day or so, he fucks Veronika. For me it has no interest as I can't tolerate more than 10 seconds of looking at huge ugly tatoos. Then we have this Rocky. Who is he? Sleeps on the couch and smoke. Never saw him having sex, or take a bath. I have noticed that when he goes to the bathroom, he always pulls the curtain so we cannot see outside of the bathtub. Weird I guess that by the end of the month (or earlier) this apartment will be moved to archive.
  8. BenCoudon

    Zack & Blonde Part #1

    I wonder how it feels to fuck a woman that is older than your own mom 😛
  9. Lucius choking the chicken https://voyeur-house.tv/realm45/cam17?timestamp=1538730564 Bedroom, October 5, around 12 noon
  10. BenCoudon

    Em & Bob

    We all know Em's abilities to keep her home clean 🤧 So I guess it is easier to move to a new apartment instead of cleaning the former one So expect relocation (or removal) again in 4-5 weeks I am still puzzled that since EM is back, we have not seen SID again. Not that I am missing him but as he was Bob's friend and Em's bf for a while, I was expecting him to visit
  11. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    Thanks for the info. With so many apartments, I lost track a while ago where those apartments are located and who are the managers But she will find her way to get free rent without having to work. In her mind, life means spending half of her day to pamper her body, do her hair, make-up and playing with her phone. The other half is to sleep
  12. BenCoudon

    Patrik & Clair

    Quite obvious the male guest that has been there for the last 2 or 3 days is horny and wants to fuck Whitney big time. But as she has done so many time, she simply push him away. Yes we saw her fucking some guys, but other than Ben (I still think that she fucked with Ben to ensure she had enough viewers, not because she wanted sex with a guy) she still behaves as a sleeping beauty. She prefers to masturbate or sex with a woman. And it's been that way since almost day one. The guest did everything he could to start things going. But he slept alone in the bedroom while Whitney shared the couch with P&C. Too bad that a beautiful girl like that has such an attitude. Would have been a good way to increase the number of viewers if she had fuck with that guy. She is looking for free rent and probably free food but not interested to do what she must do to get that. Wondering where she will go when the Clair & Patrik apartment will shut down. She will probably end up sneaking in on the couch at Monica & Dan (what used to be Pablo & Juliet) One thing is sure that she would not last long at Zack's
  13. You have the right to be bias 🙂 All what I am saying is with almost 40 apartments, there are room for diversity. I agree with you that VH is there to please the majority. But I see a big gap between the majority of stuff that is most popular and adding none of the other stuff (it used to be more balanced). I wonder how many are really interested to watch a topless woman speaking on the phone or doing her hair when there are thousands of other videos showing hot sex. I love to watch hot sex scenes, especially when the woman reaches screaming orgasm. I also enjoy orgy and group sex. I will make an analogy with music. You don't have to hate classical music to enjoy jazz and hard rock.
  14. If I want to only watch sex scenes, I can go to the archives. But it becomes obvious that the staff selecting which video makes it to the archive have their own preferences and many scenes are NOT making it to archives. As soon as a woman bates or use a vibrator, they tweet it and in no times, it is in the archives. Even just a topless woman speaking on the phone goes to archive. We all know that here on CC, there are women, bisexual and gay/ lesbian subscribers. But it is obvious that VH staff doesn't care about them. Just a recent example. Last week, Alan was home alone for 4 or 5 days. I am told that he jurked off 2 or 3 times a day, each day for 4 days. Not a single one of those scenes made it to archive. At one time, VH had 2 gay apartments. They closed them because, as per VH, there was not enough viewers watching them. Funny that the same rule did not apply to girls only apartment. Several of them last for several months despite the fact that nothing worth mentioning happened there. So for VH, if it has neither tits nor pussy, it is not important. 90% of the women showers (with no sex) made it to archives. 1% of the male showers are there. A while ago, we have seen bisexual tree and foursome (Otto, Henry). Then nothing. Of course Henry will deny it but I would not be surprised that participants that wants to have such type of sex were told by VH to do it off camera. True that it doesn't interest all subscribers. But fake sex on the cam shows don't either. I guess variety and diversity are not concepts accepted in VH office in Russia.
  15. You are missing the point. In order to know if I like an apartment, I have to check out all of them. And it is like a revolving door, new ones come in, others are out (and sometimes even before I have time to see if I like them or not. In the early days, with fewer apartments, we had time to enjoy real life of the participants. Now, I barely know the name of many tenants. I like to believe that I am similar to many subscribers: I don't watch the site 10 hours per day. While I go see the new apartments, that reduces the time I have to check my favorites.