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  1. When you spend a vast majority of your time horizontal on the couch accomplishing nothing more than playing video games and searching whatever on your phones, what do you expect. I'm surprised they haven't moved everything into the living room and then they would never have to get up. Just Sayin!
  2. Maybe with these two on vacation, RLC will send in housekeeping and clean up this mess.
  3. Her derriere has doubled in size as all she does in lay down on the couch 24/7. Very lazy individuals. The place is in a perpetual state of disarray.
  4. The pig sty they live in is a turnoff for me. The nose ring just makes it worse.
  5. Obviously, they just leave it when they finish doing whatever. I've seen tidier dumps.
  6. The apartment has that, so to speak, lived in appearance........and then some. But if you lay down 24/7 on the couch, what do you expect. Just sayin'.
  7. Definitely time to move on and rotate this apartment.
  8. Very messy couple. Just throw whatever when you are done using it.
  9. Its body proportions are out of sync. Scary.
  10. How in hell can C&S live in that mess. Clean it up, girls.

    1. nolynper


      Hei det er jo ikke bare stua som gror ned med rot ,men gjesterommet og soverommet også. 

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