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  1. she is no longer with her BF and he was in another foreign country when Danaya was on BCN and B2 too funny all the bullshit that is counted on Danaya since come back without the people of this forum know what to be
  2. Salut Corbo homme sage et intelligent comme tu l'es , tu le sais bien qu'il ne faut jamais se fier aux apparances "Danaya " en B2 est bien sortie plusieurs fois en night-club ou clubs échangistes pendant sa grossesse si tu as compris ce que je veux dire et si tu te souviens de notre dernière conversation en privé
  3. le seul mot que nous pouvons comprendre quand ces filles parlent est le mot : cekc il se prononce de la meme façon en anglais et en français the only word we can understand when these girls are talking is the word: cekc: it is pronounced in the same way in English and French:
  4. I'm still here HFB, do not worry but useless blah blah I'm not interested
  5. the situation in B2 strangely reminds me that we could live with two other girls who spent most of their time outdoors to participate in orgies than worrying about the fate of the RLC subscribers who paid for that time there to watch an empty apartment and it is still one of his daughters who would kiss with Alex and her girlfriends in the swingers club when I think that many people are willing to do anything to defend those girls who do not give a fuck for anyone there 'really comical in this forum all good scam
  6. it is fine your Harley percentages and not be offended by what I'll tell you BTW for me all this does not change in my mind that these girls have chosen a lifestyle that is personal and does not need to be using that on this forum, they are large enough to fend for herself for this and we do not have to pay for it either it is their problem and not ours, so RLC does not need our money either and to be complicit in this whole charade
  7. be or not to be : that is the question the good William was right
  8. oh my beautiful Mirror mirror tell me who is the best
  9. Thes also uses this expression : MIRROR AND SMOKE Thes would therefore also Harley
  10. Harley and I did not need to talk to understand and to be on the same wavelength after everyone sees what wants
  11. Unfortunately I must say that this is not the first time that such events occur outside it happens often that even RLC and girls give you the illusion of seeing the real while everyone is optical effect it's beautiful magic show RLC : MIRRORS AND SMOKE on these beautiful words I wish you a good night and a good scam
  12. VHTV why is so successful there is no ambiguity with those staying in their apartments and what they really offer their customers, they are not trying to hide anything at all and conclude they are much more open minded and more attentive to their customers As RLC will not understand what I just mean they will continue to go straight into the wall
  13. Daily? why are you talking to me , Joking aside though your chips of mobile phones of the girls could talk, I would not be surprised that many people in this forum are very surprised that they could learn and RLC subscriptions are still in free fall Good day and good scam
  14. daily

    Caught Up...

    BTW real life of these girls is outside but not inside the apartments RLC made me think about these soap operas US repetitive, boring and ultimately if you look good without really interest good day to you