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  1. Daily? why are you talking to me , Joking aside though your chips of mobile phones of the girls could talk, I would not be surprised that many people in this forum are very surprised that they could learn and RLC subscriptions are still in free fall Good day and good scam
  2. daily

    Caught Up...

    BTW real life of these girls is outside but not inside the apartments RLC made me think about these soap operas US repetitive, boring and ultimately if you look good without really interest good day to you
  3. BTW translators well say what they want, after it there's a big gap between translations and reality
  4. I have nothing to prove to people that want to see what suits them, by against another person in this forum that I would not cite as of course has the same information as me and he can prove just as well as me A word good scam you
  5. everything that happens in these BCN's apartments are false and I can prove it easily As against all that is going on outside with these girls is real and I can prove it easily too
  6. I got RLC and these girls for a while because I still think now that these girls do not need our money, much less RLC it's really funny to see people on this forum defending girls who do not give a fuck for CC customers and RLC RLC SCAM Have a good day
  7. unless you have been on your knees too long to pray to the Sagrada Familia
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y6Nne8RvaA
  9. Harley, you know as well as me that it is easy for RLC and girls manipulate anyone and anytime, but good the website is called RealLifecam, So let them believe what they want to see really