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  1. really, how cool is that
  2. ofc. there is always a chance...but...does it really matter these days :)
  3. I dont. But I am at this forum, talking about Leora that i deeply enjoy watching...so...is it me or her to be judged here..
  4. Maybe, but chances are higher to get hit by a plane then meet her and, consider your prime question, make her feel ashamed or uncomfortable for exposing on a voyeur site :) Rememer, we as a visitors are far more to be judged here then them :)
  5. I doubt that they meet any of their viewers in a life time. They are usually broadcasted for intenational streams, using fake names, so it might be that their privacy is even more protected then privacy of any of us. So, these rolls are usually temporary and easily forgotten. Who would remember the girls and peopgle generally that passed through RLC...very few people, from all over the world...with really low chances of meeting
  6. She was really missed.
  7. So even this is now finished 😄 The protection of the nude material from voyeur web site is more then pathetic lately. I am kinda glad they are down.
  8. This might mean something. Maby they are solving this issue.
  9. Couldnt say it better. Wouldn't mind her participation on the forum, or at least, farewell note. She really was amazing.
  10. I would really love that. She is too perfect to be hidden. Really something different.
  11. Angry or not, its their business and they do what they think it is the best. Leora was actually the only reason I visited, and guys that pay for that are not touched by their decision. So the only damage is to us free riders and Leora admirers. She really has something special about her, combined to a perfect body. Like someone said, it has been nice, thanks for all the fish, , if you open Leora again, will come back, if not, the other apartments and the entire idea of the project is kinda out of date. Still, she was the great escape from the everyday routine. Tnx for the free joy anyways. Will come to cc eventualy to see her, and thats it. Nothing actually changes, so, my friends, just relax.
  12. Exactly. She was the only reason. Without her its not worth it.
  13. looks like there is no more free Leora. Its been a nice ride. My visiting to RLC ends. Tnx for the free joy.
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