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  1. I see all of B2 is home and in bed. All of B1 is still out.
  2. Mike, RLC has to get rid of Anna, Lola and Polya for one thing and not bring them back. They are teaching the new girls how to do the minimum in the apts. and how to spend all their time outside of the apt. They need new blood outside the circle of friends. Then they need to set some kind of ground rules for the girls. Another problem is the girls reading CC and the trolls talking down at the girls. Would you like to be in front of the camera's for guys who do not appreciate you?
  3. If the girls did not have tan lines we would not need beaches and without beaches we would not have tan lines. Then where would all the fun be. ENJOY TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT ALL THE TAN LINES.
  4. Rosey are you saying that according to Zinc,Sofie and the Goddess, GGGaaaasssppp has Zebra skin. Will wonders never cease that Zinc would say something like that. I thought they just had a good tan. Really like the one the Goddess has, it shows off the rings of white real good.
  5. I said nothing about lesbian sex in B1&2. I said anyone that wanted lesbian sex.
  6. Nina and Kira are not straight girls. They are married to each other.
  7. For those that want lesbian sex well Nina and Kira is having fun in bed.
  8. Lisa is now out of bed. B2 now has 2 warm bodies moving around.
  9. Sofie just got out of the bathtub and is now in her room sitting on the bed.
  10. You are right . What goes on outside of the apts. is the girls business not ours. Comments are suppose to be about the girls and what goes on inside the apts. If your English is poor a suggestion is to use a translator such as google. It is not the best but helps.
  11. In your post you asked about the guys, you did not ask about the girls. You can have all the ideas you want. Have a nice day
  12. You asked about the guys not the girls. Have a good day.
  13. Sounds as if you have a attitude problem for a new member. Have a good day.
  14. Looks like B2 is getting ready to go out. Then again I might possibly be wrong. Have a good day.
  15. There is more of a chance you are wrong Harley. I would hazard a guess and say you are so wrong it is unimageinable. Otherwise known , as you have no chance of being right. Then again I might be wrong. { but I doubt it} Oh almost forgot. Have a nice day.
  16. Leora and Paul - General Chat Comments

    I myself only have one request I would make to the Goddess. Please please more shows later in the day. By the time I am up and checking in on you, you are already setteling in for some sleep or naps. Nap earlier and play later. Thanks.
  17. Lemondrop If you are done playing games then explain your post where all you said was "both"
  18. Why would you want him mentoring her outside of the apt.? That would only mean she would be gone even more than she is.