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  1. looks like Katya is ready for some fast action. There is a hole in her pj bottoms in the back. Looks like in a god place for action in either one.
  2. I have 4 different forums open right now and trying to keep them straight is mind boggleing of what little mind I have left.
  3. She may be gone also. She is suppose to be Nicole's friend who is just visiting. But the normally do not put visiting peoples name in the apt. list.
  4. Yes she gets along with the other 3 real good. Very friendly and talkitive. Gets along with my wi - your girl very good. Does not seem to be bothered by being left alone in the apt either.
  5. This guy has no clue to the proper way to service a lady. All he wants to do is put it in and get done. She looked a little upset or mad at him from the looks she was giving him.
  6. Masha took a pair of Ben-Wa balls out of the drawer next to the bed. She then took them into the bathroom there and shut the door. Looks like she is going to put them in and wear them all day.
  7. I would not mind having a copy, please. If not thanks anyway.
  8. For some reason my beaver will not post. oh well at least Harley has it right about RLC. Even tho I missed Heidi the other nite I will not pay for replay. When Nelley had the couch moved away from cam3 I emailed RLC about putting it back and about allowing tenents to move furniture further away from the cams. The couch was moved back pretty quick.
  9. Karol may be going to b1. It looks as if she is putting things to take in a bag.
  10. Morning everyone time to get these people moving and doing something. I agree wholly wathou. Her ass is one of a middle aged woman who does not take care of herself.
  11. I agree with you on that point Benfold. I was referring to the fact she had panties and top on and to me she did not seem to know how to bate.