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  1. The only way RLC will take notice is if no one watches that apt. and email the fuck out of RLC about Sofie and Naomi. Otherwise they will not care. Even that may do no could.
  2. RLC needs to send Sofie home tomorrow morning and if Naomi keeps playing us than send her home also.
  3. Looks like the little guest has left. So no playmate for little Eva.
  4. Maybe Eva is not fixed and they are hoping for puppies!
  5. You are next! You little vermin you. Hiding in the flowers like that you probably need Leora to give you a bath.
  6. Maybe the lovely Goddess has morning sickness.
  7. Have not heard you talking about how nice Nicole is. How about telling us and the new guys all about her again.
  8. Bud were you at the party? If not how would you know if they were there to just have fun or make money. Besides you are not suppose to discuss wha goes on outside of RLC.
  9. My lovely Rose is still sound asleep. Trying to get over jet lag.
  10. My lovely twin has finished her exercises. Damn that butt looks nice in those panties.
  11. She may be awake BB but the real question is, will she get out of bed or go back to sleep.
  12. Sergio all you need is plenty of salt peter to help your sex drive. The more you eat the hornier you get.
  13. She had to borrow clothes to wear because her luggage was lost. Beggers cannot be choosey.
  14. Talking to boyfriend and does not want us to hear.
  15. Lot of women have gaps between their legs. If you have not noticed this yet then take a survey.
  16. Depends on how you are interpretating it. We know what you are trying to say.
  17. Bud

    You also have to remember Mike, that over in the main forum he has his protector stone cold.
  18. Who is bickering? Just asking simple questions of bud. Such as why he is accusing the girls of having questionable jobs. He should not even be doing that in this forum. Course I forget who he is friends with.
  19. Bud

    I hate to say it Mike but I think we are the only 2 to have the guts to show up here. Bud won't he can't stand being wrong.
  20. Notify RLC, It is at the bottom of their page as customer support. The are very good at fixing blurry cams. One suggestion, the more polite you are compared to just asking, the faster they fix them. Just something I noticed.
  21. Kitty if you read this since you may read CC. Please do not turn the lights off before you bate.