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  1. Harley you spout more useless babble than most everyone here.
  2. Very well said Mike. I have only One thing to say about it. I think they are younger spoiled brats who were never brought up to respect a woman. Most of the older guys I know and myself included were brought up to respect women nor degrade them.
  3. Vortios answer me this if your brain cells are working right. If you cannot see what is going on in the apts. other than the free cams how can you complain about something you cannot see?
  4. But yet you leave his post up that are directed at other members.
  5. Her time was up Wed. but was allowed to stay for a few days because she was gone for a few days. Should start packing today or tommorrow.
  6. Hey Stone cold are you going to let Harley tell you this needs to come down, while letting him harrass and disrespect other members with his post? This is about the bike.
  7. I have wondered about that myself. There are times I open a camera and that person will look right at the camera as if they knew someone was now watching them.
  8. Here is a pic of what a nice slick Harley looks like with one of my girlfriends on it.
  9. They sat outside to talk over the plans for the day before they left. They knew if you heard the plans you would complain that they were leaving.
  10. ot Hey guys here is a pic of my girlfriend and the way I like my Harleys. All sleek and beautiful. Not noisy and ugly.
  11. You poor innocent nooby. Wait till you have been around awhile and then think about what you just said. You will be laughing at yourself.
  12. Better get an ambulance over to BB's so when Belle gives him a heart attack they wil be there. Belle go girl, you are looking fine.
  13. BB if you keep this up you are going to spoil Belle with your adoration.
  14. Leora has been the Goddess for a very long time. It takes more then looks to topple the Goddess.