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  1. Can't a guy be wrong at least once on the music? Just having a little fun with you Naga. Nothing serious. I did not see the fight so cannot comment on that. I do not care one way or the other with Nicole. There are things I do not agree with that she does, but it is her life and not for me to tell her she is wrong.
  2. Now now Naga everyone knows that Nicole is your girlfriend and can do no wrong.
  3. Yes Naga but both girls were in the livingroom and left because of the noise. Nicole should have turned it down. But is to inconsiderate
  4. possible nother dark nite. Nicoles boy toy reached down beside the bed by cam 7 and did something.
  5. Whether Nicole caused the blackout is here nor there. It is over and done with. RLC will not do a thing about it because Nicole is probably humping the local RLC management team.
  6. West just making a quick check in and then more to get done tonight. I am a ways east of you, like about 2 time zones. It was 7:10 here and had stuff to do. Still do and it is now 9:24. final time nite.
  7. RLC will allow Nicole to stay until her time is up because they probably have no one to replace her with at the moment.
  8. We have a name for guys like him here in the states that runs girls as he says he has. That would explain his lack of respect.
  9. You have a tendacy to talk bad of the girls. Even tho we may know or suspect what these girls do, we do not talk down of them. It is called respect. Maybe you know what this means. whether it can be proved or not has no bearing, out of respect we do not talk down on the girls.
  10. So you know this as fact. All the girls have worked in the sex business and none have held any other type of job? Since you know this as true, why not enlighten us where you got the facts.
  11. Kristy is slowly playing with her Kitty while sitting on the couch with the girls.
  12. where the hell do these guys come from? Who leaves the cage door open so they can get out and come here?
  13. When you are in a fight there are no illegal or low blows unless there is a referree. When I was in the service we were taught anything goes to come out on top.
  14. I think Estelle used up all the hot water, from the amount of steam in that bathroom
  15. Because she is doing what she accused Nicole of doing. She said Nicole was selling herself by showing her naked body for money. She is doing the same. I think that is what she accused Nicole of doing.