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  1. Princess Lyree, I was married twice and my first wife was the only one who I could tell if she had an orgasm. Whenever she hit the big O she squirted. The first time she did this I thought she had peed herself. But she made sure I had nothing to worry about. The second wife I had no clue.
  2. Is that why Leona made a sign with your name on it and flipped you the finger?
  3. It has been about 10 years since I have had any, but can remember the taste yum yum.
  4. No replay BB but that does not bother me. It just makes it better when I do catch her. Just downloaded a bate vid of her. Snakes taste good. You take and skin them and then you fry it up just like chicken. It does not taste like chicken but is still damn good. The best are about 8 or 9 foot rattlers. Course there are some snakes that are good to keep around. My pic is a Mongoose taking care of a Cobra. Have not ate Cobra yet.
  5. I watch the Goddess quite a bit BB. But Like I said with the time zones I miss the best of her. Once in awhile I get lucky. Also someone posts video's of her and I see them in the all attchment cenrter.
  6. Good morning BB I see you are checking in on the lovely Goddess. As usual Due to time zones I miss everything.
  7. Very well put Nic. I still do not think those panty's do her justice.
  8. Rock you missed the point. I said she looked good in anything but those panty's and to be topless more. You need to read before you criticize someone.
  9. Leora needs to change those panty's. They are very unsexxy on her. The Goddess does not have to try to wear special panty's to look sexxy. She looks lovely in just about anything she wears besides those.
  10. Those new panty's The Goddess wears are real bad. I think they are a combo panty and girdle from the looks of them. She looks better in regular panty's and topless more. Love you Leora but you need to do more later in the day, not so early.
  11. There is no way to really know soneone until you get into their head and have a conversation with them. Not talk to them a real conversation.
  12. Nope I saw it Naga, I just forgot. To early in the morning and not enough coffee. Also I will say again, that is the only way it will get made, unless the cleaners are afraid to touch the bed.
  13. That will never happen in that room. Unless done during UM