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  1. The REPUBLICAN PARTY believes in following the constitution of the U.S. Not some liberal control all agenda as Biden does.
  2. Hey Jo 5 why not man up and quit useing such vulger language to the Goddess. You do know there are better ways to win a lady's heart.
  3. What is it I hear you invented this story. You should know by now that when a condum breaks during sex the girl starts to fart and piss all over and can't stop for 5 min. That is a fact you need to look up before you make up stories.
  4. Good morning lovely lady. Glad to see you are back, hope you are enjoying your new place. You are truly a Goddess.
  5. They may have gone to a private party a friend is having or maybe to one of the clubs to party. Yes it is normal.
  6. It is not that we do not want or like to share videos. But they have a watermark identifier in them for each sub when you log in. RLC keeps a very close eye on CC so that vids are not shown. They have tried to shut down CC in the past for allowing these vids to be shown. They have also banned members of CC from RLC for showing them.
  7. First off Fatboy it is not the same thing. If they are undercover, they are still in the apt. If they are gone and visiting Gina then they are out of the apt. I suppose you want the girls locked into the apts and having sex 24 hours a day. Then it would not be girls on vacation.
  8. He is a guest approved by RLC and not getting paid. So he is not expected to let you see what he is doing under the covers.
  9. Fatboy, have you seen Numi and her brother have sex. I have not. If I am correct he has not had sex with any of the girls in B1. As someone else has said "he has been a perfect gentleman around the girls." So fix your eyes they are getting blurry from looking at blurry thumbnails.
  10. Doing the same as the other girls. Trying to make a living.
  11. For your information Leora has been called the Goddess for quite some time and by more people than myself.
  12. What is your problem Fatboy. Numi, her brother and Stella was visiting a friend who lives in Barcelona. Gina is not under contract with RLC at the moment. Besides she is entiled to a job like anybody else.
  13. Raul why is it you must be so rude and crude to the Goddess?
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