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  1. If no clothes then like you say, going home with presents. Unless the presents are for the twins.
  2. Are you trying to say something here or are you speaking in code about the girls
  3. Ed2 I see you are saying I should be banned for having a little fun with Sergio. I could show many times when you have made statements that should get you banned. I normally will stay off this thread due to the TROLLS. You may continue your so called fun now. By the way have a nice day............
  4. I'm just having a little fun with him Cold. I'll stop it is not worth taking to flames.
  5. This is why I say you need to leave. I have no daughters and am only on RLC a couple hours at a time. Like you I am not on multiple sites. When It comes to masturbating I have it through a good source That you cannot quit. I do not bate to an image whether on a screen or a page. When It comes to a life beyond RLC, that I have plenty of. unlike you I do not go to multiple sites to see so called porn such as you.
  6. We know you are boring Sergio. But we still cannot get rid of you.
  7. Leora or Paul takes Eva out at least once a week. Have checked in with her quite often and see Eva is gone or has her sweater on. Usually Leora and Paul take her out together.
  8. Mikelima how do you like Neia naked and in high heels?
  9. Thanks Nack for the vid. This is only one reason Leora is the Goddess. None of the other girls can hold a candle to her in looks.
  10. Over in Russia and some of those countries a ring on the 4th finger of the left hand means she has a wife. She is in a marriage with another female.
  11. Do you really mean you will be leaving This part of CC for greener pastures.
  12. My mistake Paul is not gone. So the Goddess probably will not bate. I'll miss out again.