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  1. My sub ran out tonight, not sure when of if I will renew. The other apts. are getting awfully boring and predictable on what happens. To much hiding from cams also is going on. Will be checking in from time to time till I decide. Goodnite to all.
  2. European people have a different outlook on nudity and sex then Weatern people do. With the money they are getting they probably feel they are doing better. I do not begrudge these girls anything they do. We do not know what kind of life they come from.
  3. did not see that in bed. just because she is your girl I will give her a chance to redeem herself.
  4. She is suppoedly Nicole's friend who is visiting. But that may not be the case. Nicole may have brought her here just to get the big room in B2.
  5. maybe Irma and Nora had a disareement over Karol. The timing of Irma moving to the other room makes it look like there is more to it. Also Irma may have decided she needs more privacy so she can bate.
  6. It has been said before that Jess may need what she gets from these cam shows. She may not be In a position to have a job paying good money like the rest of the girls. Jess does not look like she really enjoys these shows, but does them anyway.
  7. I will not be watching this friend of Nichole's much. She is hard on the eyes and has to many tatoo's. I think Nicole had her come just to make herself look good. I do not really like tatoo's on a woman but do not mind one or two depending where they are located and not to gaudy.