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  1. Goodbye lovely Rose enjoyed your stay and hope you grace our screens again sometime soon.
  2. Thanks Harley. Yes It was very scary. When she started having the seizures that nite a police car was the fastest way to the hospital and I think he broke the speed record to get there.
  3. You have that very right Harley and am sorry to hear about your son. My first wife had Grand Mal Seizures and it was not pretty. She dropped our 5month old daughter down a flight of stairs one day while having a seizure. Luck was with her and neither was hurt. The worst was when she had 14 in a row in the back of a police car on the way to the hospital and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Docs said having the baby changed something and that was causing her to have them more often.
  4. Are you wiping the shit from the wrong as again? Or have you decided to play in it again?
  5. WHat magazines are you talking about Harley? My ladies would attest I get it up quite well, a couple of times in a row. So I do not need magazines such as the ones you read. So you must be talking about yourself and your boyfriends. Their asses must not be tight enough for you.
  6. Hey curious have you ignored me yet. if not here comes another notification for you. Since you do not belong to CC you probably cannot ignore anybody.
  7. Well let me spell it out for you Harley. You pack the SHIT in tight as fudge. You mean you are sticking the pages together on those magazines instead of reading the articles.
  8. That is it for awile Mikelima I have other things that have to get done now. Back later.
  9. Leora is the Goddess. She is also somewhat of an exhibitionist and likes to show off her body when naked. But Leora is the exception to the rule. Maybe 1 in 20 or more like to show off their body like that. The only other close to being like her is Julia.
  10. They probably know what needs to be done. But they may feel why should we with all the negative posts aimed at them from people who only want to see lesbian sex and get mad and call the girls names when they do not have sex. That is why we praise the girls all the time. Would you want to do something for someone if they called you derogatory names all the time. Or somebody telling you to do something all the time that your boss may say you do not have to do. Making the girls feel good by our words go a long way to getting the girls to do something.
  11. Mikelima I think what is wrong with B1 is the girls are bored. Have run out of things to do in the apt. to entertain us.
  12. curious you are to stupid to realize I do not care.
  13. Good one Stone.