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  1. Naga the joke may be on us and they are real lesbians. With RLC you do not know what you are going to get. Will have to wait and see what goes on between them and how.
  2. You sure it is not the left leg Naga. Damn I have to wash my mind. I almost had dirty thoughts like Sergio..😇😈
  3. I see 4 girls sitting on the couch enjoying watching the tv. nothing else. I do not have a dirty mind like you.
  4. Foamy from the way you talk you must have been a swabby.
  5. A very unwise thing to do if there are any Marines around him when he says it.💀
  6. With the number of people who do not want it and do not feel it will work Admin and the mods are not seeing if it will work. What you all are doing is shoving it down peoples throats saying you will use it like it or not.
  7. Monica thank you for gracing our screens and hearts. May the Gods smile down on you and give you health, wealth and a lot of happiness in your future life. If we meet again we will be truly blessed. May your God look after you and bless you with safe travels.
  8. Goodbye lovely Jasmin, may the Gods of health and wealth look down upon you. May you prosper in everything you do and have all the happiness you deserve.
  9. That does not look like you are hurrying very fast Happy. Put more speed and spring in your step.
  10. Good night and pleasant dreams of Belle, BB.
  11. We go by what time it is for the apt. we are referring to. Not what time you looked out the window.
  12. No reasoning here Naga. Closed mind.