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  1. Belle has more going for her then what people give her credit for. She is no dumb broad.
  2. If Belle got lucky with a female we may never know. I think Belle said the last time when the had that magic water, She said she would not do it with a girl on camera without the magic water.
  3. Maybe the lesbian porn that Belle has been watching has paid off. She may have got lucky.
  4. Have you not bought something from someone and it had the factory box.? Just because it had the box does not mean anything.
  5. Looks as if it is bed time. So goodnite all.. Goodnite Belle and thank you for this evening.
  6. Wonder if Lesbian porn is something Belle likes to watch. Maybe the person she has been seeing on the outside is a foxxy lady and Belle is thinking about bedding down with her. Or Maybe she figures we want to watch lesbian porn since so many keep asking for it especially since she lets us see it.
  7. Before you make general statements mr box check your facts and make sure you are right. Especialy about who bates uncovered or covered.
  8. Nelly did part of her bating today under covers. In fact when she got the big oh it was under covers. There are others that will hide when they bate sometimes , so it is not just the Barca apts.