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  1. johnny1990

    Lana & Robert General Chat

    So many hot girls in this party, and they all with skirts 😮
  2. It's pretty obvious atm that she won't do anything in this apartment. And tbh, now with this HORRIBLE fake boobs ? it's a good thing lol. She had such a nice pair, why would she ruin them like that 😞
  3. Tnx, one more related question. Has dina (not tina) brought a guy in her 34 days at this apartment ?
  4. Off the record question. Can i pay only for rlc replays ?
  5. Is it the first time that anota brought a guy home ?
  6. LOL at the guy who tried to fuck emily. This girl does nothing in front of the cameras, what made him think he is gonna fuck her ?
  7. Sneaky RLC. All the replays are from kkk apartment to make non-subscribers think something happened and make them subscribe. Hope no one fall for this.
  8. johnny1990

    Juliet & Pablo

    Why i can't see this vid in the archives ? 😞
  9. P.s Watching the replay, it does seem they are having sex in there.
  10. I am watching the replay. Went to sleep 8 hours ago 😄
  11. So anything happen in the bathroom ? Was trying to hear sex noises but the damn music made it impossible 😕
  12. Wait, i don't have time to go through all the 4 hours of sam and the guy. But from what i could see, there was no sex ???
  13. Ok guys it's really hard to follow with all the posts so i will just ask. While at masha and sasha apartment, did eva had sex with anyone but sam ?
  14. Can you point me to the date and hour when emily return with cum on her butt ? I just find it really hard to believe.
  15. It was so weird !!! The 3 some came out of nowhere, there was no sex in the 3some, just fingering/blowjobs the guy just stopped the 3some in the in middle for no reason AT ALL. Couple of hours later, samantha is kissing with another dude in the living room. Angie is texting the first guy to come to her room and we get another session of finger/blowjob with no sex. Samantha cock block the other dude, AGAIN. What is even going on ! P.s : If it sound like i complain about the event's tonight then NO, i really enjoyed it. I am just confused that's all 🙂