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  1. johnny1990

    Juliet (2019) Part #1

    Told myself the next time i am gonna sub is when this hot chick get's fucked.
  2. johnny1990


    All the blonde did was teasing again ? God damn ! i want to see that hot chick getting fucked 😞
  3. johnny1990


    To bad 😞 We are paying a-lot of money to gain access to the archives, was sure they fixed their problems by now 😕
  4. johnny1990


    Why voyeur-house archive doesn't include some of the vids ? (like the bathroom action) ? alot of stuff are missing ... Like the blonde hot guest and the guy shower.
  5. johnny1990

    Jane & Dick General Chat #1

    Still No sex with the guest ? I am starting to think this whole “sexual tension” is scripted as fuck...
  6. johnny1990

    Jane & Dick General Chat #1

    Was there any action with the hot guest girl ?
  7. Saying something is a fact when you have ZERO evidence won't make it a fact.
  8. So by your logic Miranda and Deborah staying out almost every night was directed by RLC. Bravo. You can nitpick specific cases and try to disprove my point but that's not how it work. I've been watching this site for more then two years now and i saw the weirdest things. yesterday when sandra got 2 calls in front of the camera !!!! was the biggest spit in the face i, as a costumer, has ever seen. Now you can "eat" RLC shit and tell yourself it's tasty, it's your call. But as long as people like you will keep funding this shit company, the content will keep deteriorating to a point when, in some months/years from now, even you will realize that you have been stepped on this entire time.
  9. So here we disagree. The girls aren't free to do anything unless RLC approve and most of the things the girls are doing is directly because RLC told them to.
  10. I knew it's scripted to some extent, like, i thought RLC tell the girls "The view count is low, try to make the apartment more interesting". Stuff like that, outlines. But it seem RLC actually move the girls like puppets ! "Kick the guys and take a shower" "You should have a party" "Sandra and oksi, play with the guy and make the audience think they will see a threesome".
  11. Anyway, i hope for the girls sake that they will tell RLC to fuck off and leave this apartment. As much as i like watching both of them, i am 100% sure atm that RLC treat them as whores, nothing more.
  12. Only thing RLC sensed is the girls having more fun then they intended in their scripted party. If the apartment look like a mess, RLC should call the girls and tell them to clean it up, i highly doubt they made this call. Guys were just there having fun with the girls, i have no idea on which kind of slope you are talking about ... Btw, the guy saying "it was a test, it was a test", probably means RLC did let them get back to the apartment and after they got kicked for the second time both the guys and the girls were pissed as fuck. I think the strongest evidence that this whole parties are staged is the shower the girls did together after the first time RLC kicked the guys, it looked so unnatural, so cheap that i can't help but feel bad for the girls being manipulated like this from this shit company.
  13. Another thing i noticed. The bald guy keep saying "It was a test, it was a test", wonder what he means by that ...
  14. Idk ... Listen, people can hate the fact the girls are bringing guys to the house, sure. But at the end of the day, we all pay from "real" life cam. If they are blocking the girls from doing what they want, we are all losing here. Sure, today the guys who wanted to see the girls hang out with the boys lost, but tomorrow ? RLC can script everything, I am starting to suspect even the girl play is scripted. I am sure as hell that the bath of the three girls after the first time the guys left was scripted. It's so sad because this site has such a great potential yet RLC for some odd reason ruins everything.
  15. OK, so i heard the recording when sandra got the second call. Right after the call they told the boys they have to get out, one of the boys asked sandra if she is joking and she said no. The guys left REALLY fast so i guess RLC threaten them in some way. Both sandra and lily seem really upset because of it. Two options : a. For some reason RLC staff don't want the girls to be with the boys , even tho both the girls AND the bots want to be together. b. Someone is paying RLC and making them do that. Like, after the call sandra and lily seem really REALLY pissed. My guess is, if RLC won't let them have fun the way they want, they will leave soon.