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  1. And does anyone know why their parents came to visit them?
  2. yes and before that he was shaking that napkin on which he is wiping his nose. not very hygienic
  3. A quick summary: Martina told Alberto everything when she arrived and they were both laughing.
  4. Although in a past call whit her mother, she mentioned that she would not have school from March 19 to April 5, so she will have a lot of free time there.
  5. I feel like Martina is eating that because she feels compelled, not even Nelly was pleased with how it turned out.
  6. well she was talking whit his mother that she wants to go on a trip with a friend by the end of the month. the woman ask if she work and martina respond that she does the same as her so.. yeah i think is whit nelly. sorry my english sucks
  7. today have been two years since they joined
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