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  1. Not for the visually impaired! 🤣 This indicates that we should all whisper our comments. 🤫
  2. I like house music, but this guy is literally 95% backbeat and nothing else. Not creative at all. However, I also haven't been listening to hardly any of it because it's overloading the camera mics and pointless.
  3. I gotta bugger off home in about 30 minutes. It'll just be my luck that I miss anything good while I'm out. So far it's been uneventful.
  4. With the crowd thinning, I hope so. Still hoping for a 3 way with Masha, Nelly and Martina, but I know that's probably not going to happen.
  5. I think they were on the veranda outside the kitchen smoking (also no camera). Back in the party room... for now.
  6. OK, I've determined it's the same room I saw Alberto leave from. The room you're referring to is to the RIGHT on cam 2-9. I believe that's the garage.
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