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  1. i cant open voyeur-house tv please can any one tell me how can i open it normally without vpn ?? any other host which can re direct me to voyeur-house tv or any other adress ??
  2. hello is there any way to open voyeur - house tv i cant open I dont want to use VPN any other way or any ip or other adress direct to voyeur-house tv ??/
  3. i dont know what kind of people are they .. when they are broke up .. so then they still sitting with other other talking with each other touching kissing with each other . what kind of faith and relation is this ??
  4. if a person dont have hairs then how could it be a man then ?
  5. it seems they are not comming to b5 .. but still sera is the reptile they have to kill her immideiatly to b4 starting the party other wise sera is the party killer and destroyer
  6. as all people knows that where sera radi and aria comes parties and events got destroyed so .. 95 percent i would say that tonights party or anything crazy would if happenes ... sera radi aria will destroy for tonights enjoyment sera radi and aria would leave as soon as possible
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