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  1. if someone could PM me Diana's cam link, that'd be much appreciated.
  2. Ah, I see. Thanks - this is the first time I saw them.
  3. Are Diana & Alan new to the project? If so, we should create a topic for them too
  4. they're watching bisex porn at the same time 😮
  5. Finally some action, anal at that and with some DP with a toy, in the bedroom. But the dude has no sense of gentle, at least he used lube though 😄 Album — Postimage.org POSTIMG.CC
  6. I think this apartment could be classified as false advertisement 😄
  7. I don't find MMF boring but if only there were some more action. Also; Album — Postimage.org POSTIMG.CC
  8. The dude does cam shows at night and 'Tania', who supposedly is the tenant, sleeps whenever she arrives. This is all I've observed so far. Meh!
  9. Most probably. There's also a new apartment - Tania House. Let's see how that'll go.
  10. Could someone PM me where Rita cams please?
  11. The site is back up, except for the two bedroom cams in Kendra Fox's apartment. But it's as boring as ever, smh.
  12. The party seems to be over. It's rather a shame since it looked like it would have turned into an orgy but meh, another let down
  13. What was Tom doing to his penis? It looked like he was applying some sort of a disinfectant - does he have an STD/STI of sorts?
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