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  1. My underbelly is a Limbo free zone, thank you very much.
  2. Heresy! Go pray to the skunk gods that you do not burn in skunk hell!
  3. They did not like your reply.......After my ass kicking......I gave them your whole name including you middle initial. Comrad Squirrel!
  4. Perhaps later Foamy, there is a loud commotion at my front door...anyone know what : Вы мертвая собака! means??
  5. Putin sent the flowers in recognition of his national treasure..Leora. He walked over to Pablo and reached behind his right ear and deactivated him. The the things he did were more disgusting than "Mr Big" and Kristy. I will share more after the next mushroom.
  6. Is that why the apt is dark? Someone else sent the flowers? Why is it under maintenance? Anyone know?
  7. Wow don't know about you but I just saw Belle's soul leave her body. Nate went down for a killer licking.
  8. Everyone in the free world is complaining about it. The US Senate has unanimously declared the situation tantamount to a hostile act. Free cam#10!!
  9. What a weekend! The Goddess returned and the sun shined the flowers bloomed..all of the little furry forest creatures came out to play after a long winters nap. And all was right in Krasnoyarsk.
  10. At this point in time I have not seen her happier. She seems to have resolved something. Enough of her mind..I love the tan marks in her nipples, or should I say lack there of. Caliente!
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