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  1. Now as if it could not get any worse..Asia trying to sing Eta James: "At last"
  2. That folks was what it's all about! It was only a 7.9 on the Batescale.
  3. Good I was seconds away from giving RCL credit. Enjoying the hightech reply system. the delay from room to room is professional grade. To Ceasar: There must have been some technical improvement on their part ..
  4. They are OG good timers, they don't need much. But when oiled up and wild Masha is the amature. But with Dicks dick out of commision......
  5. Rolling on the floor here in the shop....saved for posterity. We have seen some funny shit in this apartment.
  6. Anyone with a dick Dick trigue fetish will tune in now... MDSDJ are fun to watch!!! I can' say enough about the quality of camera feed and replay this time around.
  7. I was watching the replay and saw Jane applying ointment to Dicks member the morning after Dick was was drilling a hole in Masha's skull...upside down. I suspect teeth on Masha's part. Masha had begun a "Masha level" orgasam that lasted for what appeared to be an hour leading up to the oral. I saw no penetration , she when to bathroom to wash her mouth before joining Jane in bed. Jane set it up by kissing them good night and going to bed.
  8. She has face timed him several times. This is a business opportunity for them.
  9. Just went through her replay since relocating. She appears to be happy. I swear I can still hear that dog.
  10. I think she is prepared to Bate. Is this the first one in the new apt?
  11. They are pulling out all stops. Fun with Dick and Jane...Price hike comming
  12. I saw her ran the shower cam replay and tan and all it is indeed Leora.
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