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  1. Lots of cranberry juice and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) supplements. Helps with kidney infections and stones.
  2. Some of you look for reasons to swoon and clutch your pearls. One minute you're telling everyone else to leave them alone and let them live their lives, and the next you're sitting in high judgement on them for doing just that. Get a grip, fools. Your forty bucks a month only gets you a place at the peep show. Tug your toy and enjoy the show. This isn't My Fair Lady and Henry Higgins you ain't.
  3. It's microfilm! I knew it!! They're a bunch of dang Russian spies!! Arrest them all immediately!
  4. Kid finds a paper bag on a park bench and says, "Candy I hope. Candy I hope. Sticks his hand in and says, "Shit I reckon."
  5. It's a brand of beer and a tool for conditioning the feckless to accept more and more control from politicians.
  6. Even so, while the hickey monster is hammering away at that lovely gash, I'm convinced Leora is laying there mentally screaming, "Oh Yes, Gomer! Oh God, Gomer! Just like that, Gomer!"
  7. And the conditioning of the gullible herd continues......... It is not (and never has been) about a virus.
  8. It's all Leora's fault. If she'd get her biscuits in the oven and her buns in the bed and flog that cooch I wouldn't get bored and play with the whiny little bitches.
  9. Window peepers should just watch what they like and refrain from pecking on the glass. She'll just pull the drapes.
  10. Wish Eva was there. At least we'd get to watch her hump the blue pillow.
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