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  1. I don't know what he said, but he has as much right to express his opinion as you do. An echo chamber is not a forum.
  2. To tell the truth, I didn't get much of anything from it, good or bad. Maybe my translator is garbage, but it just looked like gibberish to me.
  3. Will probably last long enough for an evening of fun and games for the camera shy types. Cams will come back up after boyfriend leaves.
  4. "And still thou art my Lady Dulcinea" Beautiful women have been making men stupid since time began. "Wid a body like dat, her name just GOT to be Lucille. Oooo, my sweet Lucille." This back and forth beats the hell out of Netflix. Please continue. But remember, given enough time, they ALL wind up looking like your grandma, so you'd better love what's under that soon to be wrinkly, leathery wrapping, too.
  5. Blasphemer!! And just like that, Aussie became a troll.
  6. Yet. The lure of more money coaxed her from her home. Even more will lead to GOV behaviors. Eventually, she will leave RLC behind and cross the street for even more than RLC can pony up and she will become indistinguishable from the others who have gone before her.
  7. Slice it and dice it all you want. It's still just porn, or you wouldn't be here. Invent your delusional back stories all you need to in order to live with your dirty, shameful selves. If there was no twat to see, none of you would hang around the window for long. Leora is no lesbian, but I'm quite sure RLC has dropped some hints to her about viewership and she responds as much as she's currently able to get the views. It's a progression. Eventually, there will be rug munching on a routine basis and it will become ho-hum stuff. I hope it doesn't ruin the friendship between them, but it probably will.
  8. To Karen, everyone whose view differs is a troll. You just trot your paisley unicorn on by, Karen. We don't need your guidance in the proper manner to watch a sex show.
  9. You have a point. I certainly wouldn't want sloppy seconds behind a skunk. Not even from Leora.
  10. Laters, Protector. Will you be hiding and sulking in the closet at usual? Yeah, you're walking point in my squad. You need watching.
  11. You manage your fantasy as you wish and let others do the same. It's probably leprosy she caught while clubbing and skinning baby seals. That's my girl. I hope she's better in time to skate with her roller derby team. She's totally badass as a jammer.
  12. Try this one. "I luv you Miss Crump. I LUUUV you. Yer my mother figure" - Ernest T. Bass It will probably get you about as far as it did him. I'm sorry she's sick, but some of you are making me sick, thinking she pays any attention to the creepy, window peeper crowd.
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